Assault rifle (automatic) Pindad SS-2000 / SS-3

    assault rifle (automatic) pindad ss-2000 / ss-3

    Pindad SS-2000,
    Presented at the exhibition «Indo Defence 2006»

    In 2006, the state armory Indonesian company «PT Pindad» exhibition «Indo Defence 2006" was presented a prototype of a new assault rifle with the designation SS-2000 (Senapan Serbu 2000 - 2000 assault rifle).

    In the second half of the first decade of the XXI century a new rifle (automatic) was completed and accepted by the small-scale production, received the designation SS-3.

    Essentially, Pindad SS-3 is a logical continuation of the development of a series of assault rifles SS-1 and SS-2 made in bullpup layout. In the basis of the construction machine was based on previously known and well-proven technical solutions.

    assault rifle (automatic) pindad ss -2000 / ss-3

    Dining rifles complexes SS-1, SS-2 and SS-3
    (Top to bottom)

    terms of basic design, SS-3 is a modification of the machine SS-2 with the changes caused by the layout of the scheme bulpap weapons. In addition, some ideas were borrowed from the Austrian system of automatic Steyr AUG.

    Automation assault rifle Pindad SS-3 works by removal of powder gases from the bore. Rotating bolt.

    In its basic configuration

    release liner is made right, but the machine can be easily converted for ease of use with the left hand. This is a fairly simple operation, similar to the system Steyr AUG, which, if necessary, the shutter may be replaced with another, with the mirror and the reflector disposed ejector that provides a release liner on the left side of the weapon.

    SS3 V1 SS3 V2 SS3 V4
    Caliber, mm 5.56x45 NATO
    Length mm 740 670 870
    Barrel, mm
    460 403 590
    Weight 3.4 3.2 4.2
    Count. cartridges
    Fire, m
    600 400 1000
    Rate of fire,
    Rds / min

    Lever fuse interpreter modes of fire located on both sides of the weapon.

    Automatic equipped universal guide type Picatinny rail. Picatinny rail located on the receiver is designed for use with various sighting devices (optical, night, collimator) and carrying handle with mechanical sight. On the side rails can be installed additional devices, such as LCC and tactical flashlight. Planck, at the bottom of the fore-end is used for fastening the auxiliary handle, bipod or grenade launcher.

    Weapons can be equipped with a grenade launcher caliber 40 mm SPG-1 national development firm Pindad or SPG-2 - analogue Belgian grenade used in the machine FN-2000, production of which has been established under the license.

    Also on the trunk

    provided mountings for the bayonet-knife.


    weapons design widely used high-strength polymers.

    The system Pindad SS-3, like its predecessors has been presented in several different ways:

      SS-3 V1 - basic version of the machine. SS-3 V2 - carbine, which differs from the basic model of a short barrel. SS-3 V4 - sniper rifle, equipped with heavy long barrel and bipod. Although the complex

      Pindad SS-3 and was taken to small-scale production of serious interest Indonesia army he did not call, as was more expensive to manufacture and maintain than traditional weapon layout, as well as some conservative military.

      assault rifle (automatic) pindad ss -2000 / ss-3

      complex Pindad SS-3


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