Assault rifle (automatic) QBZ-03 / Type 03

    assault rifle (automatic) qbz- 03 / type 03
    QBZ-03 / Type 03
    With an installed optical sight

    Assault rifle (automatic) QBZ-03 (Chinese Qingwuqi Buqiang-Zidong - lightweight rifle, automatic, 2003), also known as the Type 03 was introduced in 2003.

    assault rifle (automatic) qbz-03 / type 03
    Type 87

    After the establishment in China in the 1980s, a new cartridge caliber 5.8h42 mm DBP87 work began on the development of new infantry weapons under this cartridge.

    first prototype for the new ammo became automatic Type 87 with the traditional layout. However, developments have been suspended due to start testing with an assault rifle caliber 5.8h42 mm - QBZ-95 (Type 95), constructed under the scheme Bullpup, and subsequently adopted by the armed People's Liberation Army (PLA).

    assault rifle (automatic) qbz-03 / type 03
    QBZ-95 / Type 95

    So in 2003 came as a surprise appearance with an assault rifle (automatic) QBZ-03 (Type 03) mm caliber 5.8h42 a more refined version of Type 87, which has become a major competitor positioned QBZ-95 (Type 95), and adopted by the armament of the People's Armed Police of China (NVPK). NVPK strongly emphasizes the difference from PLA, which once again confirmed by the acceptance into service assault rifle QBZ-03 QBZ-95 instead.


    QBZ-03 (Type 03) uses gas operated mechanism with a short stroke piston located above the barrel. Piston is connected to the slide frame and equipped with its own return spring. Thus there is a two-position gas regulator, providing besides firing conventional ammunition, shooting rifle grenades, worn on the trunk. The barrel is locked by turning the gate.

    assault rifle (automatic) qbz-03 / type 03
    QBZ-03 / Type 03
    With fixed bayonet
    Caliber, mm 5.8h42 5.56x45
    - Butt decomposed
    - The stock closed


    Barrel length, mm 440 440
    Weight kg 3.5 3.8
    store count. cartridges 30 30
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 930 860
    Effective range, m 500 300
    rds / min 650 650

    trigger mechanism combined with safety and ensure the maintenance of single and automatic fire.

    lever interpreter fuse located on the left side of the receiver above the pistol grip and has three positions.

    Sights consist of an adjustable front sight at 100, 300, 500 meters and tumbler pillar. With this top of the receiver, before completely installed rails for mounting various optical sights.


    power machine used plastic cartridges with common QBZ-95 magazines for 30 rounds. You can also use drum magazine capacity of 75 rounds. Button magazine catch is made by type latches Kalashnikov assault rifle.

    assault rifle (automatic) qbz-03 / type 03
    QBZ-03 / Type 03
    The stock closed

    Unlike QBZ-polymer case 95, the housing 03 is formed QBZ-extruded sheet steel.


    made of two stamped sheet steel halves - the top and bottom, connected by transverse pins.

    forend, pistol grip and stock are made of plastic.

    Butt skeletal structure formed by turning on the right side of the weapon.

    assault rifle QBZ-03, comes with a detachable bayonet, carrying strap and gun cleaning kit.

    Assault rifles

    QBZ-03 (Type 03) are made in China state-owned enterprise China North Industries Corporation - NORINCO.

    assault rifle (automatic) qbz-03 / type 03

    In 2007, on the basis of QBZ-03 (Type 03) developed a model caliber 5.56x45 mm NATO, mentioned in the catalog NORINCO as "5.56 mm FOLDING BUTT AUTOMATIC RIFLE", and intended for export. The main difference between the rifle from the base case, it is possible to use standardized shops NATO - STANAG. Because of the design features of these stores moved latch button on the neck receiver.

    assault rifle (automatic) qbz-03 / type 03
    QBZ-03 / Type 03
    Main components


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