Assault rifle (automatic) Robinson Armament M96 / RAV02

    assault rifle (automatic) robinson armament m96 / rav02
    In standard configuration,

    In 1996, a small young company Robinson Armament Co began the development of a new rifle, which was introduced in 1999 under the designation M96.

    new rifle was created on the basis of small arms Stoner 63 - famous designer Eugene Stoner weapons.

    assault rifle (automatic) robinson armament m96 / rav02
    Partial disassembly Conceptually

    and layout M96 rifle repeating the idea of modularity, inherent Yu Stoner in the early 1960s, and differed mainly on the Stoner 63 system that was developed primarily for sale on the civilian market, which excludes the possibility of doing automatic fire and did not provide a tape supply.


    M96 rifle has been upgraded to the needs of the military and police structures. And in 2002, the company released a version of Robinson Armament M96 rifle under the designation RAV02, equipped with a mode of fire bursts and a full-fledged assault rifle.

    This assault rifle RAV02 already offered in three calibers - 5.56h45 mm NATO and the Soviet 7.62x39 mm and 5.45h39 mm. In the case of 5.56h45 mm caliber cartridges used shops from NATO rifle M16, and in the case of the Soviet 7.62x39 mm and 5.45h39 mm - standard shops from Kalashnikov AKM and AK-74, respectively.


    streamline design variant rifle in RAV02 was equipped with Picatinny type rails on the receiver and handguard for mounting optics and various accessories (handle, grenade launcher, flashlight, etc.).

    assault rifle (automatic) robinson armament m96 / rav02
    In the configuration of the upper supply of ammunition and short barrel
    Automatic rifles

    works by diverting a portion of the propellant gases from the bore.

    < td> Shop,
    Count. cartridges
    M96 RAV02
    Caliber, mm 5.56h45 5.56h45
    Length mm 1016
    Barrel, mm
    Weight 3,48
    Fire, m
    500 - 600

    venting mechanism has adjustable arms for work in adverse conditions.

    Shock - trigger allows maintaining single and automatic fire.

    The safety catch is located on the left side, above the pistol grip.

    Fuse combined with the translator fire and when you turn blocks the trigger and bolt carrier.

    Trunks quick, easily replaced by the shooter and can be of different lengths.

    Receiver is made of two halves connected by cross-pins - top and bottom.

    diopter sight, adjustable in increments of 100 meters aiming scale.

    buttstock, pistol grip, pad on the shank made of high impact plastic.

    Food rifle cartridges made from detachable magazine capacity of 30 rounds.

    Mass production M96 rifles / RAV02 was pretty limited, and they are not widely available on the arms market, in part due to the high price of weapons.

    Later the company

    Robinson Armament, using the experience to create M96 / RAV02, developed more promising modular rifle XCR.

    assault rifle (automatic) robinson armament m96 / rav02


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