Assault rifle (automatic) Ruger AC-556 / Mini-14

    assault rifle (automatic) ruger ac-556 / mini-14
    Ruger Mini-14
    (Early release)

    Firm «Sturm, Ruger & Co» (United States, Connecticut, Saufport) entered the arms market in the early 1940s with a semi-automatic .22 caliber pistol, who quickly gained popularity due to its accuracy and reliability. Several years later, when the fashion came in revolvers in Wild West style, the company decided to occupy a niche from which refused factory «Colt» and began production than revolvers, and later rifles and hunting rifles, very successful in all these succeeding their endeavors. < / p> When the cartridge

    5.56h45 mm (.223 Remington), which has established itself well in the military, in the company «Ruger» drew attention to the market for commercial arms sales. After examining him, it was concluded that the arms market is too focused on military production, and manufacture of new types of less aggressive weapon will be a success.

    As a result, the company

    «Ruger» decided to combine two things: 5.56 mm cartridge with low recoil and eternally young M1 carbine, which is always popular. As a result, in 1973, was created by self-loading rifle, similar to the M1 carbine, but chambered 5.56h45 mm.

    assault rifle ( automatic) ruger ac-556 / mini-14
    Ruger Mini-14
    (Later release)

    new rifle received the name «Mini-14", as, in fact, was a smaller version of the M14 rifle (a short time was in service with the U.S. Army) and is built on the basis of automation with a gas engine with a long stroke gas piston. < / p>

    But it was not just copying system Garand. Pressure during firing 5.56mm cartridge inside the barrel, higher than the 7.62 mm NATO standard cartridge. Accordingly, during firing increases, and the pressure on the shutter. Therefore, rotating shutter in "Ruger" is the same as in the "Garand" but modified gas removal system.

    assault rifle (automatic) ruger ac-556 / mini-14
    Ruger Mini-14
    Partial disassembly

    right side shutter handle is connected to a gas piston. When retraction of the handle back projection disposed on the inner side, rotates and unlocks the bolt. Upon further movement of the shutter opens. In case of need using the plunger gate can be left open. After releasing the bolt handle is returned to the forward position and shall be sent round in the chamber. When fired, the powder gases part comes out of the barrel into the gas chamber located under the barrel. The hub of the gas chamber wearing gas cylinder piston. Incoming powder gases cast piston back. Since the piston is connected to the shutter arm, the protrusion on the arm rotates and unlocks the bolt. When moving the bolt back it cocks. And during the return motion shall be sent shutter top cartridge from the magazine into the chamber. After making the last shot feeder magazine is raised and includes a delay which holds the shutter in the open position. The shutter can be closed by a latch bolt on the left side of the receiver, or simply remove the magazine.

    Mini-14 AC-556 AC-556F
    Caliber, mm 5.56x45 NATO
    (.223 Remington)
    - Butt decomposed
    - The stock closed



    Barrel length, mm 470 470 330
    Weight 2.9 2.9 2.9
    Count. cartridges
    5, 10, 20, 30
    Fire, m
    500 500 400
    Rate of fire,
    Rds / min
    ------- 750 750

    Vapor unit with gas chamber and piston located below the barrel and hidden weapons in the handguard. Automation is a leading link massive frame located under the barrel and connected to the gate of the rod extending from the right side of the barrel and receiver. The gas piston is in the shape of the glass, in a forward position puts on the outlet gas chamber, and rigidly secured to the movable frame. Butterfly valve is moved directly to the receiver (made by precision casting of steel), and closes the trunk on the two lugs into slots in the receiver. The spring is located under the barrel, and operates on the leading frame.
    The charging handle is located on the leading stock frame right.
    Trigger - trigger.
    Fuse is located in front of the trigger guard. In the forward position - "fire" in the back - "fuse».
    Food weapons made from detachable box magazine for 5, 10, 20 and 30 rounds.
    Sights include the fly and diopter rear sight, adjustable for range.
    The stock of wood, traditional construction, with semi-neck.
    The upper handguard - plastic with vents for cooling the barrel, or wood (early samples).

    In 1977, the construction of Mini-14 rifle minor changes were made to simplify and improve the mechanism for protection against dirt and dust.

    In 1981 weapons added arrestor and glowing tips on sights.

    assault rifle ( automatic) ruger ac-556 / mini-14
    Ruger Mini-14 GB

    Since Mini-14 rifle was very popular in the police and security structures, the company has developed a Ruger rifle combat infantry - Ruger Mini-14 GB, completed with a capacity of 20 shops and 30 rounds. The mechanism of the rifle remained virtually unchanged. However, there were flies fuse installed, mount bayonet-knife, a device for firing rifle grenades, flameproof handguard and flash hider.

    assault rifle ( automatic) ruger ac-556 / mini-14
    Ruger Mini-14 GB

    «Infantry Rifle» Ruger Mini-14 GB failed to meet expectations, which confers on the company. The fact that the troops in the early 1970s began to prefer the translator arms fire. In other words, the military wanted a rifle, from which it was possible to conduct automatic fire.

    assault rifle ( automatic) ruger ac-556 / mini-14
    Ruger AC-556

    Then the company released Ruger rifle AC-556, which was the same as "infantry rifle» Ruger Mini-14 GB, only with the possibility of automatic fire. Translator fire mode on automatic AC-556 was located in the rear of the receiver on the right and had 3 positions - for shooting single shots, bursts with a cutoff of 3 shots and firing automatic fire without limitation queue length. Rate of fire is 750 rounds per minute. In the rifle used detachable magazines for 20 and 30 rounds, as well as possible was the installation shops for 40 rounds and drum shops in 90 rounds.

    assault rifle ( automatic) ruger ac-556 / mini-14
    Ruger AC-556F
    assault rifle (automatic) ruger ac-556 / mini- 14
    Ruger AC-556F
    The stock closed

    was also developed variant AC-556 rifle with a shortened barrel (330 mm instead of 470 mm) under the designation AC-556F (Folder), pistol grip and folding side (right) with the butt of steel tubes. With folded butt length AC-556F was only 603 mm, while the length of the standard AS-556 - 948 mm.

    However, neither rifle

    AC-556 or AC-556F into service were not adopted.

    Civilian version rifle differed impossibility of automatic fire, and since 1994 - and even the lack of binding of the flame arrester and bayonet mount.

    assault rifle ( automatic) ruger ac-556 / mini-14
    Ruger «Ranch rifle»
    Early (top) and later (bottom) Release

    Back in 1982, the market for commercial sales, the company released the Ruger «Ranch rifle» («rifle ranch"). In fact, it was the same Ruger Mini-14, but with some improvements in the design. Also rifle modification Ranch rifle to the receiver equipped with anchorages for rings riflescopes, and the mechanism eject spent cartridges changed so that the sleeve thrown sideways by the optical sight.

    assault rifle ( automatic) ruger ac-556 / mini-14
    Ruger Mini-Thirty (Mini-30)

    In 1987 it added a new family of Ruger rifle «Mini-Thirty» (Mini-30). Rifle Mini-Thirty was established under the popular Soviet cartridge 7,62 x39. This gave some of the benefits the new weapon, because this rifle recoil when firing is minimal, as well as a rifle barrel longer than that of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, and accordingly increases accuracy.

    Also in the 1980s, based on the Ruger Mini-14 was also developed an experimental rifle Ruger XGI, represent no more than Mini-14, a larger chambered 7.62x51 mm NATO (.308 Winchester). In appearance and dimensions of this rifle was very similar to the M14, but on the device it was identical to the Mini-14. In a series of XGI rifle was not made.

    assault rifle ( automatic) ruger ac-556 / mini-14
    Ruger XGI

    Generally, family rifle Ruger Mini-14 / AC-556 are considered to be reliable and easy to handle weapons, but they are inferior rifle model AR15 / M16 in shooting accuracy.

    Rifles Mini-14 "military" versions were never available for service of any armed forces, but various modifications are widely used by police in the U.S., and became popular as a civilian weapons (semi-automatic version).


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