Assault rifle (automatic) SAR 21

    assault rifle (automatic) sar 21
    SAR 21

    Since mid 1970s, the main infantry weapon was the Singapore Armed Forces assault rifle M16S1 (localized version of the famous American M16), as well as a small number of machines developed by a Singaporean company «CIS» (Charter Industries of Singapore, after Singapore Technologies Kinetics) , SAR-80 and SR-88.

    assault rifle (automatic) sar 21
    SAR 21

    In the 1990s, the army of Singapore was a question of rearming its armed forces and replace aging weapons. As a result, it was decided to create its own assault rifle that meets modern requirements.

    main objective in the development of new weapons was to create a reliable, easy-to-handle compact machine that meets modern requirements for this class of weapon.

    In 1999 «CIS» introduced it created a new assault rifle (automatic) SAR 21 (Singapore Assault Rifle - 21st Century - Singaporean assault rifle of the 21st century), which was adopted by the Singapore Armed Forces.

    assault rifle (automatic) sar 21
    SAR 21 GL

    SAR 21 is an automatic weapon caliber 5.56x45 mm NATO bullpup arranged scheme.

    housing rifle consists of four main parts (modules): The upper part of the receiver with the barrel, bolt carrier with the bolt, the lower part of the receiver and the trigger made in a separate enclosure.

    assault rifle (automatic) sar 21
    SAR 21
    Partial disassembly

    housing rifle made of shockproof polymer.

    On top of the receiver mounted carrying handle, upper part which replaces the 1.5 times optical sight. The lower part of the receiver is made of one piece with the receiver store and pistol grip.


    housing arms are connected together by transverse pins, so that the weapon does not require disassembly of the special tool.

    Automation SAR 21 is based on a gas operated engine with long stroke gas piston. The gas engine is located above the barrel, the piston is rigidly connected to the bolt. Locking barrel - bolt action, similar to the device with the gate M16 7 lugs for the barrel shank.

    charging handle on the basic sample is located on the upper side of the arms, under the carrying handle, and is fixed by firing. The charging handle folds forward when not in use. On versions equipped with automatic guide type Picatinny rail on the upper surface of the housing weapons charging handle was moved to the left side of the weapon, to the top of the foregrip.

    window to eject spent cartridges is to the right, making it virtually impossible to use SAR 21 left-handed shooter.

    trigger mechanism provides conducting single and automatic (bursts of arbitrary length) fire.

    Translator fire mode, button type, located behind the receiver store at shoulder rest.

    Fuse as a transverse button located at the front of the trigger guard and easy to control with the right thumb.

    pistol grip is made integrally with the receiver and the trigger guard. Trigger guard made a full-length pistol grip, like the bracket series rifles TAVOR.

    assault rifle (automatic) sar 21
    SAR 21 P-rail

    standard sight for SAR 21 in the base configuration is an integral 1.5x optical sight multiplicity, built-in carrying handle. On the top surface of the sight made redundant front and rear sights. Modifications SAR 21, equipped with slide bar type Picatinny, staff do not have sight, instead it can be mounted a variety of daytime and night sights on appropriate mounts.

    Food rifle cartridges made from detachable magazine capacity of 30 rounds. Shops are made of a transparent polymer that allows the shooter to control the presence of ammunition in the store.


    receiver shop attached block the trigger, back, which is equipped with a special cover and replaces the shoulder rest.

    To carry

    SAR 21 rifle equipped with a belt.


    base version of the rifle can be mounted 40-mm grenade launcher (U.S. M203 or Singapore CIS 40GL).

    assault rifle (automatic) sar 21
    SAR 21 MMS Standard

    SAR 21 has a number of original innovations.


    base configuration provides a laser designator (LTD) visible or infrared range, which is mounted under the barrel at its muzzle. The power button is located on the shank designator, the left side of the weapon. Power is supplied by a conventional battery size "AA".

    Another innovation is the presence of a metal plate that is supposed to protect a person in involuntary explosion arrow holder. Plate strengthens receiver of the left hand, the abutment shoulder.

    Dining SAR equipped with guide rails 21 Picatinny type can be used with a variety of additional accessories to be installed in standard guides, including vertical foregrip, various lights and LCC.

    Based SAR 21 assault rifle was developed by a number of modifications:

    - SAR 21 GL (Grenade Launcher) - designation for basic rifle mounted grenade launcher. Established two types M203 grenade American production (export version) and Singapore 40 mm grenade launcher CIS 40 GL.

    - SAR 21 P-rail (Picatinny-rail) - differs from the basic model established instead of the carrying handle universal guide type Picatinny, which allows installation of various day and night scopes. The charging handle is moved to the left side of the weapon.
    - SAR 21 MMS Standard (Modular Mounting System) - this modification differs installed instead of the foregrip, the system guides Picatinny - Modular Mounting System (Modular Mounting System). The system is designed for installation of various assistive devices - handle retention, tactical flashlight, etc. Additional rail mounted on top of the receiver. The charging handle on the left side weapons.
    - SAR 21 MMS Carbine - carbine, a shortened version of SAR 21 MMS Standard.
    - SAR 21 LWC (Light Weight Carbine) - a lightweight carbine, the smallest and lightest of the entire family. This variant is equipped with a modified form of the gun, there is no carrying handle, charging handle and is brought forward over the barrel. To install sighting devices used rail Picatinny.

    assault rifle (automatic) sar 21
    SAR 21 MMS Carbine

    All of the above options, on request, can be performed under standardized within NATO shops from M16.

    Reviews assault rifle SAR 21 were generally quite positive. From the obvious disadvantages are only fundamental inability to eject spent cartridges on the left side of the weapon, which, combined with the bullpup layout somewhat limits the possibilities of the weapon. The rest of the SAR 21 is very typical example of small arms in recent years of the twentieth century.

    Rifles and carbines series SAR 21 produced in Singapore by Singapore Technologies Engineering, specifically its subsidiary ST Kinetics (until 2000 CIS) and is offered for sale for export to interested military and law enforcement agencies in different countries.

    SAR 21 was adopted by the army and police of Singapore, as well as acquired by the armed forces of Brunei, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Morocco and some other states.

    assault rifle (automatic) sar 21
    SAR 21 LWC

    SAR 21 SAR 21GL SAR 21 P-rail SAR 21 MMS Standard SAR 21 MMS Carbine SAR 21 LWC
    Caliber, mm 5.56x45 NATO
    Length мм805805805805680640
    Длина trunk мм508508508508383343
    Вес, кг4.
    Магазин, count. cartridges 30
    Rate of fire,
    Rds / min
    450 - 600
    Effective range
    Fire, m
    500 - 800 200 -300


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