Assault rifle (automatic) Series Beretta BM59

    assault rifle (automatic) series beretta bm59
    BM59 Mark I

    After the end of World War II Italy, which did not have its own self-loading rifle using more powerful ammunition, has adopted the M1 Garand rifle American kalibra.30 06 (7.62h63mm).

    assault rifle (automatic) series beretta bm59
    M1 Garand

    Firm «Beretta» do repairs, and since 1952 the issue of individual parts and assembly M1, performing to 1962 about 100 thousand of these weapons. M1 rifles Italian production subsequently shipped to Indonesia and Denmark.

    However, by the end of the 1950s, the M1 rifle is obsolete. In addition, NATO has been a transition to a new cartridge.

    In this regard, the Italians decided to issue a new rifle the easiest and cheapest way - modernizing it to develop the M1 rifle under the new requirements.

    assault rifle (automatic) series beretta bm59
    BM59 Mark II

    upgraded rifle was designed under the new cartridge 7.62x51 mm NATO.


    shop for 8 rounds with burst loading was replaced with a detachable box magazine for 20 rounds, with the design of the shutter elements entered admitting snaryazhanie store without disconnecting from the rifle clips from 10 rounds.

    assault rifle (automatic) series beretta bm59
    BM59 Mark III / VM59 Ital TA
    assault rifle (automatic) series beretta bm59
    VM59 Ital TA

    trigger mechanism has been modified by introducing the possibility of automatic fire.

    on gas operated unit installed on the trunk gas valve overlapping gas escape hole when casting convertible grenade sight in battle (vertical) condition to start with a special 22-mm rifle grenades arrester.

    Otherwise, the new rifle Garand rifle repeating design of the mid-1930s.


    rifle had the gas outlet at the muzzle, the lower the location of the gas chamber, a massive gate with two lugs, driven by the bolt located on the right hand weapon.

    assault rifle (automatic) series beretta bm59
    BM59 Para

    trigger - trigger.

    Fuse - translator fire mode is located in front of the trigger guard.


    slide catch, leaving the shutter open for expenditure of the last bullet in the store.

    Fly in namushnike, located on the gas chamber, the diopter rear sight.

    rifle equipped with wooden forearm with semi-pistol grip.

    In 1959, a new assault rifle under the designation of BM59, was adopted by the Italian Army.

    VM59 Rifle was produced in several versions:

    < td> Effective range, m
    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO
    Length mm 1095
    Barrel length, mm 490
    Weight 4.6
    store count. cartridges 20
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 823
    rds / min 750

    - BM59 Mark I - basic version.
    - BM59 Mark II - version with wooden lodge with a pistol grip for better handling when firing bursts.
    - BM59 Mark III or VM59 Ital TA - version with pistol grip and a folding metal stock, intended for mountainous parts.
    - BM59 Para - the same version of BM59 Mark III, but with a shorter flash hider without the possibility of launching grenades intended for paratroopers.
    - BM59 Mark IV - variant with plastic lodge with pistol grip and weighted barrel, used as a light machine gun.

    Based VM59 also produced civilian version of the rifle, which had no gas valve for firing grenades and without the possibility of firing bursts.

    assault rifle (automatic) series beretta bm59
    Civilian semiautomatic version without arrester and gas tap

    In Italy, VM59 was exported to Indonesia and Morocco.

    BM59 rifle was in service in Italy until the end of the 1980s, when it was replaced with an assault rifle Beretta AR-70/90 caliber 5.56x45 mm.


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