Assault rifle (automatic) series Diemaco C7 / C8

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    Canadian Armed Forces as a standard cartridge 5.56mm NATO. firm Diemaco (since 2005 - a subsidiary of the American company Colt renamed Diemaco / Colt Canada) in 1984 launched an assault rifle C7, and since 1994 - the rifle C8.

    assault rifle (automatic) series diemaco c7 / c8

    C7 assault rifle is a slightly modified version of the American rifle Colt M16A1E1 and C8 - a shortened version of the rifle Colt M4 type.

    Technically, C7 rifle is a modification of the M16A1 rifle. Major differences - chrome trunk weighted by type M16A2 rifle with a short pitch rifling (chambered SS109 / 5.56 mm NATO), easy diopter sight with two settings on the rear sight range.


    rifle nominally not used aluminum shops from M16 and plastic, capacity 30 rounds, although in principle it is possible to use any other shops that are suitable for the M16.

    assault rifle (automatic) series diemaco c7 / c8

    C8 carbine is a shortened version of the C7 compact with dlinoy stvola 370 mm (all the basic details are similar to those at C7), intended for the tank, combat engineers and signalers.

    C8 Carbines have telescopic butts similar Colt M4 carbines butts.

    During its existence Diemaco C7 and C8 repeatedly underwent a number of modifications and constantly keep improving.

    assault rifle (automatic) series diemaco c7 / c8

    Rifle S7A1 (company designation Diemaco C7FT from Flat-top - flat top) is on the top surface of the receiver instead of the carrying handle universal type Picatinny rails for mounting sights, like the U.S. M16A3 rifle. In S7A1 troops comes with an optical sight Elcan, having a multiplicity of 3.4 X. Instead Elcan sight can be installed any other optical or night sight.

    assault rifle (automatic) series diemaco c7 / c8

    C8A1 rifle also has a similar modification of the FT C7A1.

    addition scopes C7FT (C7A1) and C8FT (C8A1) nominally completed backup iron sights to be installed in the guide type Picatinny rail. Without the need for them, these sights are removed and worn in a special compartment in the butt weapons sprung lid closed on rifles C7FT, or separately in pouches - in the case of rifles C8FT.

    assault rifle (automatic) series diemaco c7 / c8

    Rifle S7A2 completed telescopic rifle butt type C8, bilateral levers fuse and button magazine catch, as well as the gun and other fittings green color.

    Rifles Series C7 can be equipped with a 40 mm grenade launcher M203 also produced under license by Diemaco.

    assault rifle (automatic) series diemaco c7 / c8
    C8A1HB / C8FTHB

    Option C8A1HB - C8FTHB (Flat Top, Heavy Barrel) equipped with heavy barrel and, as a rule, optical sight Elcan C79, or red-dot sight.

    Based on C8 and C8A1 company Diemaco for Special Forces was designed carbine C8SFW (SFW - Special Forces Weapon) with a barrel length of 400 mm. and the possibility of using grenade launchers.

    assault rifle (automatic) series diemaco c7 / c8

    Rifles Series C7 used by the military in Canada, Denmark and the Royal Netherlands Army. While C7 rifle is in service with the Canadian Army in 1984. Since 1994, the Netherlands and weapons since 1995 - Denmark adopted assault rifle C7A1. C8 carbines series also in service with the army and police forces in these countries.

    Besides, weapons Diemaco company is in the armies of France, Afghanistan, Iceland, Norway, the United Kingdom.

    < td> Shop count. cartridges
    C7 S7A1 S7A2 C8 C8A1 C8A1HB
    Caliber, mm 5.56h45 NATO
    - Butt decomposed
    - The stock closed







    Barrel length, mm 510 370 400
    Weight empty kg. 3.3 2.68 2.9
    30 30 30
    Effective range, m 400 400 400
    Rate of fire / min 700 - 940


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