Assault rifle (automatic) Series Galil

    assault rifle (automatic) series galil
    Galil AR
    5.56h45 mm caliber

    Develop your own assault rifle in Israel began after the "Six Day" Arab-Israeli War (06.05.1967 g - 10.06.1967 g).

    Despite the very successful outcome of the "Six Day" war, the IDF command set that consist in its arsenal Belgian FN FAL rifle caliber 7.62x51 mm noticeably inferior both in terms of reliability in the wilderness (fine dust and sand) and by maneuvering characteristics melee Arab machines Soviet AK-47 production.

    assault rifle (automatic) series galil

    As a result, Israel was decided to develop a new assault rifle under the American patron 5.56h45 M193 (later - chambered 5.56h45 SS109 with heavier bullet), better adapted to local conditions than the FN FAL.

    In 1969 Uziel Gal designers (Uziel Gal - created a submachine gun Uzi) and Yisrael Galili (Israel Galili) presented their prototypes rifles. Preference was given to the development of I. Galili.

    The project design was Galili Finnish machine Valmet RK.62 (which, in turn, is a licensed one AK-47) license which was acquired from the Finns. The system automation and locking the barrel, the bolt design, shutter and trigger mechanism were borrowed from a Kalashnikov; construction barrel, cup shutter store - the pilot of the American system of Stoner-63, receiver, magazine catch and sighting devices - the Finnish Valmet RK.62; folded butt - the Belgian FN FAL Para; arrester compensator device - the U.S. M16A1 Colt. Also I. Galili and added a number of proprietary innovations.

    As a result, in 1973, adopted the Israeli army adopted the rifle design Yisrael Galili, developed at the state arms company Israel Military Industries (IMI). The rifle was designated «Galil» and was put into serial production. To issue assault rifle (automatic) Galil in Finland were purchased manufacturing equipment and documentation.

    assault rifle (automatic) series galil
    Galil AR
    7.62x51 mm caliber

    Based Galil assault rifle, a whole series of modifications:

    - Galil AR (Assault Rifle) - the base model. Since the 1980s except 5.56h45 mm caliber weapons was launched production of rifles and 7.62x51 mm caliber with a shop on the 25 rounds.
    - Galil ARM (Assault Rifle and Machine gun) - modification Galil AR, which had a folding bipod and carrying handle. Since the 1980s, as well as the Galil AR, was additionally launched production of weapons and 7.62x51 mm caliber with a shop on the 25 rounds.
    - Galil SAR (Short Assault Rifle) - shortened version of the Galil AR for armored troops and paratroopers. Since the 1980s, was additionally launched production of weapons and 7.62x51 mm caliber with a shop on the 25 rounds.
    - Galil MAR (Micro Assault Rifle), or Micro-Galil - a shorter version of the automaton Galil SAR, designed for both arms of special units of the army and police, as well as used as a weapon of self-defense troops (established in 1980). Besides more shortened barrel has the front of the fore-end projection, not giving a hand to slip forward, given the proximity of the muzzle to the front of the fore-end, could lead to injury.
    - Magal - submachine gun, which is a variant Galil MAR under the American patron kalibra.30 Carbine (7.62x33 mm). Due to various problems, was released a series of very small (about 1000 pieces).
    - Galil Sniper / Galatz - semiautomatic sniper variant Galil AR 7.62x51 mm caliber.
    - Galil Hadar - sports and self-loading hunting carbine caliber 7.62x51 mm. Forend combined with the butt.

    assault rifle (automatic) series galil
    Galil ARM
    5.56h45 mm caliber

    terms of internal structure and functioning of the basic mechanisms of automatic Galil series do not differ from the Kalashnikov AK-47, except that they are designed for different caliber.

    assault rifle (automatic) series galil
    Galil ARM
    7.62x51 mm caliber

    Automation Galil assault rifles works by diverting a portion of the propellant gases from the bore.

    The system

    flue gas regulator no. Gas operated clutch assembly mounted on the barrel, gas hole is drilled at an angle of 30 degrees back directly into gas chamber. Gas piston has a chrome finish.

    The gate frame

    generally follows the contours of the frame a Kalashnikov, but her arm is bent upward so that it might be more convenient to act right and left hand. To reload your left hand enough to tilt the rifle slightly to the left.


    trigger mechanism added a second check box interpreter fuse located on the left side of the receiver directly above the pistol grip, like guns.

    assault rifle (automatic) series galil
    Galil SAR
    5.56h45 mm caliber

    Sights provide effective fire management at a range of up to 600 m Fly installed on gas operated site and is a cylindrical rod, adjustable vertically and protected ring. Sight (on top of the receiver box) dioptrical type consists of a swivel plate with a hole and fixed positions for ranges 0-300 m and 300-500 m "Night" sight is usually cleaned and in working order is a device with three points of light and provides Aim at 100 m (center point located at gunpoint, two on my radar). Besides on the left side of the receiver can be mounted under a special guide brackets for optical and night sights.

    assault rifle (automatic) series galil
    Galil MAR Established

    rifle is the capacity to store 35 rounds. In the embodiment used as Galil ARM 50-round magazine.

    One of the innovations is the use of a rifle for shooting her rifle grenades. At the same weapon used to store 12 blank cartridges.

    handguard rifle on early models - wooden, later on - made of plastic.

    Butts on all machines series Galil - skeletal structure, metal, folding side (right), similar structure to those with rifle FN FAL.

    Pistol grip on all machines - plastic.

    The kit also includes a rifle bayonet.

    In the embodiment

    Galil ARM folding bipod mounted ahead of the gas outlet node. In the folded position they fit into the bottom groove forearm. Bipod can also be used as wire cutters.

    assault rifle (automatic) series galil

    Galil assault rifle used by the Israeli infantry during the Lebanon War in 1982 and thereafter, but by the end of 80-ies of XX century in the Army acknowledged that the continued use of rifles «Galil» in infantry units impractical due to some of its shortcomings. < / p>

    should be noted that in Israel Galil automatic fate was not so rosy. Thus, during the Arab-Israeli wars in 1967 ("Six Day War") and 1973 ("Yom Kippur War"), Israel received from the U.S. at very low prices a significant amount of M16A1 rifles and CAR-15. At the same time the family rifle Galil Israel treated much more expensive, and they weighed much more that is essential for the conduct of maneuver infantry fighting in the desert. In connection with this production Galil rifles were kept in reserve in case of termination of deliveries of cheaper but good quality American weapons.

    In the early 1990s, machines were removed from the Galil infantry units and replaced the American M16 and its modifications. Until 2005, the shortened version of Galil used as personal weapons in armor and artillery, but there have been replaced by the truncated modified M16.

    assault rifle (automatic) series galil
    Galil Sniper / Galatz

    Israeli Galil rifles to adopt more than 15 countries from Africa, South America, Asia and some European countries, including Bolivia, Botswana, Honduras, Congo, Nicaragua, Chile, Estonia.


    prevalence Galil has not reached its prototype, then fame quite caught up with him, went into some of the best assault rifles of the world and, in turn, becoming a role model.

    Licensed production of copies of the automaton Galil was established in South Africa by Vektor under the designation R-4 (Galil AR), R-5 (Galil SAR) and R-6 (Galil MAR), as well as in Croatia, under the designation of APS- 95. There have been attempts to establish production Galil rifles options in Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands, but further experimental work, it never went.

    In general, the Galil series machines are reliable weapon, having a number of ergonomic improvements compared with Kalashnikovs. The disadvantages include a large mass of arms and weapons of the high cost of production due to outdated technology manufacturing barrel boxes milling of steel billets.

    assault rifle (automatic) series galil
    Galil Hadar

    Galil AR Galil ARM Galil SAR Galil MAR
    Caliber мм5.56x457.62x515.56x457.62x515.56x457.62x515.56x45
    Длина, mm
    - Butt decomposed
    - The stock closed
    Barrel length мм460508460508332400195
    Вес, кг3.953.954.354.353.753.752.98
    Магазин, count. cartridges 35 25 35, 50 25 35 35 35
    Muzzle velocity
    Bullets м/с
    Эффективная range
    Shooting м
    Темп Accuracy,
    Rds / min
    630 - 700


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