Assault rifle (automatic) series QBZ-95 / Type 95 / QBZ-97 / Type 97

    assault rifle (automatic) series qbz -95 / type 95 / qbz-97 / type 97

    In the 1980s, armed People's Liberation Army (PLA) was a wide range of 7.62x39 mm caliber weapons - from obsolete Type 56 rifles, to more or less modern machines Type 81 Chinese development.

    Nevertheless, following the general trend towards a decrease in the caliber of small arms, the Chinese in the late 1980s, the PLA began to arm rather ambitious project to create their own caliber cartridge and a new generation of weapons under it.

    assault rifle (automatic) qbz-series 95 / type 95 / qbz -97 / type 97
    Type 87

    As a parent munition was chosen the latest development of Chinese engineers DBP87 cartridge caliber 5.8x42 mm. Created as an alternative to the most common Soviet patrons 5.45h39 mm NATO SS109 5.56h45 mm, the new Chinese chuck, according to the manufacturers exceed their famous predecessors on the main characteristics.

    Under new ammo were developed intermediate samples of small arms Type 87, based on machines and machine guns Type 81 7.62 mm.

    assault rifle (automatic) qbz-series 95 / type 95 / qbz -97 / type 97
    QBU 88 However

    new weapon was to use the most advanced materials, including aluminum alloys and plastics, as well as have a bullpup configuration.

    As a result, the first production model of weapons under the new cartridge was a tactical sniper rifle QBU 88 (Type 88). This rifle, made by assembly scheme bullpup, was so successful that its design was the basis for the creation of a series of small arms, the main of which was an assault rifle QBZ-95.

    In 1995 a new system of small arms caliber 5.8x42 mm under the designation QBZ-95 (Chinese Qingwuqi Buqiang-Zidong - lightweight rifle, automatic) also known as the Type 95 is formally adopted by the PLA weapons.

    assault rifle (automatic) qbz-series 95 / type 95 / qbz-97 / type 97
    Shop filmed on carrying handle mounted optical sight
    assault rifle (automatic) qbz-series 95 / type 95 / qbz -97 / type 97
    QBZ-95 First

    automatic QBZ-95 was shown to the public during the transition of Hong Kong to Chinese control in 1997 - a new army "communist" Hong Kong garrison were armed with this machine.


    QBZ-95 / Type 95 built bullpup configuration, in which the store is located behind the operating handle.

    QBZ-95 (Type 95) - automatic weapons, a gas engine with a short stroke piston. Butterfly, closes the trunk on three lugs.

    cocking handle is located on top of the receiver, under the handle retention.

    trigger mechanism provides a single management and automatic fire.

    Fuse - translator fire mode is located in the left rear of the receiver, near the butt pad and has three positions. Curious order of the fire mode: Secure (USM blocked) - Automatic - Semiautomatic, which corresponds to the trigger on the Kalashnikov rifles. It is also possible to install an additional fire mode, with a cut-off of 3 shots.

    assault rifle (automatic) qbz-series 95 / type 95 / qbz -97 / type 97
    QBZ-95 (Type 95)
    Partial disassembly

    body of weapons made of high impact-resistant plastic, receiver - aluminum alloy.

    The receiver top is not removable carrying handle on which there are mounting points for installation of anchorages under optical or night sights.

    Established sights are located on an integrated carrying handle and are adjustable in range from 100 to 500 meters at 200 meters (100 - 300 - 500).

    control handle and trigger guard are made of one piece with plastic housing weapons, the front part of the trigger guard increased in size and serves as an additional handle for left-handed shooter.

    Food arms ammunition made from detachable magazine capacity of 30 rounds. Receiver store, made by type of Soviet AK, without cap and with an identical layout extractor lever.

    The shop is located behind

    operating handle and the rear part of the body serves shoulder rest while shooting.

    assault rifle QBZ-95, deliveried removable bayonet, carrying strap and gun cleaning kit.

    assault rifle (automatic) qbz-series 95 / type 95 / qbz-97 / type 97
    With an installed optical sight and bayonet-knife
    assault rifle (automatic) qbz-series 95 / type 95 / qbz -97 / type 97

    as additional accessories are available day and night optical sights multiplicity 3 (installed on the carrying handle), grenade launchers and QLG91B LG1-caliber 35 mm, LG2 - 40 mm and 38 mm Riot Gun (Type B) - a police grenade shooting is not lethal ammunition.

    In addition, the design is a possibility of firing rifle grenades, dressing on the barrel.

    According to the experts

    rifle QBZ-95 is pretty good in the battle of the direct collision with the enemy at short distances, but the conduct aimed fire at targets at a great distance the arrow considerably interfere with the smoke and flying shells. Also a window for the extraction of spent cartridges is on the right weapons, which, together with the close proximity of this window to a person shooter, does not practically possible to use QBZ-95 lefty.

    assault rifle (automatic) qbz-series 95 / type 95 / qbz -97 / type 97
    QBB-95 LSW Within the family

    QBZ-95 produces the following models:
    - QBZ-95 - the base model with an assault rifle.
    - QBZ-95B (Carbine) - shortened and lightened carbine weapons intended for special units and the Navy. Shortened barrel provided with the original compensator flash hider that makes it possible to not shoot rifle grenades. Also can not accommodate a bayonet-knife and grenade launchers.
    - QBB-95 LSW (Light Support Weapon - light support weapon) - a light machine gun, equipped with a longer and heavier barrel, with a greater rate of fire and the use of the drum magazine capacity of 75 or 100 rounds.
    - QBZ-97 - QBZ-95 variant but 5.56h45 mm NATO caliber. To use standard ammunition supply stores from STANAG M16 rifles. This model has been modified with magazine appeared neck with the installed extractor button that caused a structural feature shops STANAG. The rest of this rifle is identical to QBZ-95.
    - QBZ-97A - QBZ-97 variant with an additional mode of fire, with a cut-off of 3 shots.
    - QBZ-97B - carbine, a shortened version of the QBZ-97.
    - QBB-97 LSW - caliber machine gun 5.56h45 mm NATO - analogue QBB-95 LSW.

    Also specifically for the civilian market semiautomatic weapons designed system Type 97 and Type 97A kalibra.223 Remington.

    assault rifle (automatic) qbz-series 95 / type 95 / qbz-97 / type 97

    Rifles Series QBZ-95 and QBZ-97 manufactured in China state-owned enterprise China North Industries Corporation - NORINCO.

    Series QBZ-95 was adopted by the People's Liberation Army of China, police and special forces of China and QBZ-97 - in the police force and the sun of South-East Asia, particularly Sri Lanka and Cambodia. Autoloading version of Type 97 and Type 97A on sale in Canada.

    assault rifle (automatic) qbz-series 95 / type 95 / qbz-97 / type 97
    Type 97A

    < td> QBB-95 LSW
    QBZ-95B QBZ-95 QBZ-97
    Caliber, mm 5.8x42 DBP87 5.56x45 NATO
    Length mm 609 745 840 758
    Barrel length, mm 369 463 600 490
    Weight 2.9 3.25 3.9 3.35
    store count. cartridges 30 30 75, 100 30
    Range, m
    300 - 500 400 - 600 600 - 800 400 - 600
    Rate of fire,
    Rds / min
    650 650 800 650

    assault rifle (automatic) qbz-series 95 / type 95 / qbz-97 / type 97
    With an installed grenade launcher


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