Assault rifle (automatic) SIG 716

    assault rifle (automatic) sig 716

    SIG 716 Patrol

    In 2010, the U.S. division of international weapons concern SIG-Sauer, along with a whole family of assault rifles (machine) and self-loading rifles 516 SIG caliber 5.56 mm line was proposed and SIG 716 rifles chambered for 7.62x51 NATO.

    SIG 716 Patrol
    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO
    (.308 Winchester)
    Length mm 968
    Barrel length, mm 406
    Weight without magazine, kg 3.4
    Shop count. cartridges 10, 20

    The range includes SIG 716:

      SIG716 Tactical Patrol - shotgun with a barrel length of 356 mm. SIG716 Patrol - shotgun with a barrel length of 406 mm. SIG716 Precision Sniper - sniper rifle with a barrel length of 457 and 508 mm.

      Weapon line SIG 716 differ only used barrels and butts.

      In fact, these rifles as well as the SIG 516 is an attempt to improve became popular in the U.S. system rifles AR-15 / M16 by eliminating the most controversial element of this design - direct venting into the bolt, Eugene Stoner's design, as well as offer market weapons resurgent popularity 7.62mm NATO.

      assault rifle (automatic) sig 716

      SIG716 Patrol

      By the rifle SIG 716 SIG 516 are similar and repeat system AR-15 / M16.

      assault rifle (automatic) sig 716
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      Automation SIG 716 - vapor, however, instead of the long gas tube above the barrel set separate gas piston with short stroke, through a special rod transmits impulses to the bolt carrier. The design of the gas outlet assembly provided a three-position manual gas regulator. Butterfly, made standard for systems like the AR-15 / M16, but given the larger caliber.

      upper and lower halves of the receiver made of aluminum alloy, also adjusted for the increased size, similar to the base platform.

      trigger mechanism and controls arms (fuse translator firing modes, slide catch, magazine catch) are similar to those in the AR-15 / M16.

      assault rifle (automatic) sig 716

      SIG716 Tactical Patrol

      Food arms ammunition is made from shops, used in rifles model AR-10 (T), with capacity for 10 and 20 rounds.

      assault rifle (automatic) sig 716
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      On top of the receiver is a guide type Picatinny rail, providing installation of any sighting devices (both mechanical and optical) as desired.


      consists of four universal rails, allowing the use of various additional accessories and devices (grenade launcher, tactical flashlight, etc.).

      Automatic SIG 716 equipped with a telescopic retractable buttstock with multiple fixed positions, and in the version SIG716 Precision Sniper even with more regulation vertically and horizontally.

      rifles and machine guns line SIG 716 have been proposed primarily for the U.S. market, both civilian and police (in the semi-automatic version), and the market of army weapons, as competitors such systems as the HK 417, FN SCAR / H Mk.17 , Knights SR-25, Ar-10 (T), and many other similar increase in the caliber of "conversion" platform Ar-15 / M16.

      assault rifle (automatic) sig 716

      SIG716 Precision Sniper


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