Assault rifle (automatic) SIG SG 540 / SG 542 / SG 543

    assault rifle (automatic) sig sg 540 / sg 542 / sg 543
    SIG SG 540

    In the 1960s, the famous Swiss company SIG (Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft) began work on the development of new lightweight assault rifle chambered 5.56h45 mm NATO.

    assault rifle (automatic) sig sg 540 / sg 542 / sg 543
    SIG SG 530

    first prototypes of this weapon, known under the designation of SIG SG 530 were automatics with barrel locking using rollers, but they were too complex and expensive to manufacture, so SIG engineers have proposed a new model of weapon, which used a slightly modified scheme of the automaton Kalashnikov.

    As a result, the 1970s, based on the experience gained during the development of earlier prototypes machines chambered 5.56h45 mm, the Swiss company SIG designers created a new assault rifle (automatic) SIG SG 540.

    assault rifle (automatic) 540 sig sg / sg 542 / sg 543
    SIG SG 540
    With folding stock

    In 1977, Switzerland started producing rifle SIG SG 540.

    assault rifle (automatic) sig sg 540 / sg 542 / sg 543
    SIG SG 542

    Automatic SG 540 is based on a gas operated engine, locking - turning the bolt on the two lugs. The spring is located around the gas piston rod and is compressed between the special collar on the rod and the front wall of the receiver. Gas stem its shank is inserted into the frame and fixed with inserted side bolt carrier cocking handle.

    The venting chamber has a three-position gas regulator - 2 positions for firing in normal and heavy-duty (applicable in case of pollution mechanisms rifle sand, snow, etc.), and the third - for firing rifle grenades (gas discharge channel is closed).

    Barrel screwed to the top of the receiver and is equipped with a combined compensator, flash hider, serving as a guide for the start of rifle grenades.

    receiver is stamped from steel and consists of two halves - the top and bottom, joined by two transverse pins.

    assault rifle (automatic) 540 sig sg / sg 542 / sg 543
    SIG SG 542
    assault rifle (automatic) sig sg 540 / sg 542 / sg 543
    SIG SG 543
    With incomplete disassembly

    With incomplete disassembly of the receiver removed the rear pin, herewith a box of "break in two" in the front. After removing the charging handle bolt carrier with the bolt removed from the back of the receiver and the gas piston to the rod and the spring are extracted separately.

    trigger - trigger, an interpreter modes of fire, performing the role of a fuse. Rifle may be operated in a continuous and single lamp, and bursts of three shots with a single press the trigger with the pace of 725 rounds per minute.

    At low temperatures, can get out of the trigger guard that can fire in thick gloves, as well as necessary when firing rifle grenades.

    Food weapons made from detachable magazine capacity of 20 or 30 rounds. In addition, assault rifles Chilean production shops are equipped with transparent plastic 30 rounds, the type of stores from SIG SG 550, instead of the original metal shops.

    < td> 5.56x45
    SIG SG 540 SIG SG 542 SIG SG 543
    Caliber, mm 5.56x45 7.62x51
    - Butt decomposed
    - The stock closed



    Barrel length, mm 460 465 300
    Weight 3.3 3.55 3.0
    Count. cartridges
    20, 30
    Bullets, m / s
    980 820 875
    Fire, m
    500 600 300
    Rate of fire,
    Rds / min
    650 - 800

    Sights include an adjustable cylindrical fly on the vapor chamber and the rear sight drum design with a set of holes for different dioptricalal firing range. Besides the possibility of installing night, optical and collimator sights.

    Recently butt, trigger guard, pistol grip and forend are made of plastic, which reduced the cost of production and the sample weight without compromising characteristics.

    forend made of plastic, which can be installed under a light folding bipod.

    pistol grip is also made of plastic.

    Weapons equipped with fixed plastic or metal side-folding butt.

    rifle SIG SG 540 can be equipped with bayonet.

    In the basic model

    SIG SG 540 modifications were developed:
    - SG 542 - chambered for 7,62 x51 NATO enlarged rectangular magazine for 20 rounds;
    - SG 543 - rifle chambered for 5,56 x45 differs from the basic model only shortened to 300 mm barrel and modified flame arrester prevents the use of rifle grenades.

    assault rifle (automatic) 540 sig sg / sg 542 / sg 543
    SIG SG 543

    Specially produced for the civilian market autoloading options SG-540, which, apart from the main kalibra.223 Remington (5.56h45 mm) could have kalibr.222 Remington or 7.62h39mm.

    In Switzerland

    machines SIG SG 540 and its modifications in service was not involved, but were adopted by France until the beginning of the 1980s, they were not replaced machines FAMAS French production. In addition, SG 540 were adopted by the armies of Portugal, Chile and more than a dozen countries in Africa and South America.

    In Switzerland, SIG SG 540 rifle made under license in France by Manurhin and Chile now FAMAE.

    In the mid-1980s, with the launch of a new production machine SIG SG 550 SIG SG 540 production in Switzerland has been discontinued.


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