Assault rifle (automatic) T65 / Type 65

    assault rifle (automatic) t65 / type 65
    T65 / Type 65

    In the 1970s, Taiwan's army leadership had decided to replace the obsolete were in service with American rifles M14 (Taiwan had in the army designation T57) with more modern weapons.

    As a result, in 1976 the government arsenal in Taiwan was designed assault rifle T65, also known as Type 65 (the number 65 means in '65 on the Chinese calendar), caliber 5.56x45 mm NATO.

    Caliber, mm 5.56x45
    Length mm 1010
    Barrel length, mm 508
    Weight 3.55
    store count. cartridges 30
    Muzzle velocity
    Bullets, m / s
    Effective range
    Fire, m
    Rate of fire,
    Rds / min
    700 - 800

    Assault rifle (automatic) T65 (Type 65) was designed based on the American AR-15 rifle. Therefore, both structurally and externally has significant similarities with the American rifle M16. However, T65 rifle has an important difference in the exhaust system device.

    T65 assault rifle uses the vapor-automatic barrel locking bolt action (same gate American rifle M16). The main difference from the T65 M16 - is the use of the gas piston with short stroke instead of direct venting, which increased the reliability of automatic weapons. The gas piston is located above the barrel and is hidden inside the plastic forearm.

    Unlike Taiwanese M16 rifle T65 had a carrying handle.

    iron sights located on the receiver and the end of the forearm.


    T65 rifle was virtually identical rifle M16, and many of their parts are interchangeable, including fully assemble the bottom of the receiver (lower receiver) with the trigger mechanism and the return mechanism.

    Food weapons is from box stores are compatible with M16 rifle.

    The original version

    T65 rifle was not very successful, and soon it was released on the basis of option T65K1, which used better materials in the manufacture of weapons, as well as modified foregrip to reduce the heat used in further modifications.

    assault rifle (automatic) t65 / type 65
    assault rifle (automatic) t65 / type 65

    In 1987 model was released T65K2. New modification has received a number of similar innovations American rifle M16A2. So T65K2 was adapted to the use of SS109 cartridge caliber 5.56x45 mm NATO, except automatic and single fire became available shooting off in the 3 shots. Also on the receiver box has been added to carrying handle with iron sights. As a result of the assault rifle T65K2 become more similar in appearance to the model M16 rifle.

    Also for weapons of special operations forces, was launched in a limited number of carbines T65K2C, differed from the short barrel rifles T65K2 telescopic and folding butt, similar to the American carbine Colt Commando Model 733. The total length of 815 mm was T65K2C.

    assault rifle (automatic) t65 / type 65
    T65K3 Furthermore

    carbine was developed T65K3, different from rifle T65K2 shortened barrel and forend. The total length of 880 mm was T65K3.

    In Taiwan

    army rifle family T65 (Type 65) were used in China, Panama, Iraq, Haiti, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Guatemala, El Salvador.

    Later on, T65 assault rifle in Taiwan were issued carbines T86 and T91 having significant similarity with American M4 carbines, but retained the vapor-automatic rifle T65.


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