Assault rifle (automatic) TRW LMR

    assault rifle (automatic) trw lmr
    With an attached store 30 rounds of M16

    In the mid-1960s to adopt parts of the U.S. Army in Vietnam began to flow assault rifle M16. Initial experience with the M16 rifle during the Vietnam War showed high standards of these weapons to the regular cleaning and maintenance.

    Pentagon decide on the establishment of a rifle with the most simplistic service. Planned to equip new weapons, as U.S. soldiers and various "friendly" U.S. forces, fighters from which it is difficult to expect a high proficiency in the handling of weapons.

    In 1971, the project under the designation LMR - Low Maintenance Rifle (rifle with minimal maintenance), with the company TRW (Thompson-Ramo-Wooldridge) is a contract to develop a new rifle and begins its funding.

    < td> 493
    Caliber, mm 5.56h45 M193
    5.6 XM216
    Length mm 870
    Barrel length, mm
    Weight with magazine, kg 3.6
    Count. cartridges
    20, 30
    Fire, m
    Rate of fire,
    Rds / min

    During the work on the project has created several experimental prototypes as chambered M193 5.56h45 mm caliber NATO and under experimental XM216 cartridge caliber 5.6 mm (with swept-piercing bullet). Also provided for the establishment of the shortened version (carbine) LMR.

    In 1973, in connection with the war in Vietnam, as well as the presence of U.S. troops in a significant amount of improved models of assault rifles M16 - M16A1, LMR project funding ceases, and the project is closed.

    Assault rifle (automatic) TRW LMR series production was launched.

    The concept was based on the LMR maximum simplicity of design combined with the extensive use of special corrosion-resistant coatings and dry lubricant applied in the form of a film coating on the moving parts of weapons.

    Rifle LMR had so-called "linear" configuration in which the butt is on the line of application of force impact, greatly reducing toss weapons firing.

    Automatic rifle uses the energy of powder gases discharged from the muzzle of the barrel into the gas cylinder to the right of the axis of weapons. Gas piston with a long stroke is rigidly connected to the bolt, which in turn actuates the valve. Locking barrel by using a pair of rollers, retractable shutter from up and down within the corresponding grooves in the barrel shank.

    trigger mechanism assembly with pistol grip and the fuse is derived from a single machine gun M60.

    additional fuse shutter cocking lever is connected to the gas piston rod. Turn the bolt handle down at the front of his position firmly locks the bolt group, excluding involuntary overcharging or random shot by rough handling of weapons.

    fire from rifles LMR conducted only bursts, with an open shutter with a low rate of fire (450 rounds / min). Due to the low rate of fire of firing single shots achieved by briefly pressing the trigger.

    Stock is made from detachable box magazine from the rifle M16, capacity 20 or 30 rounds. Shop is adjacent to the left arms.


    adopted the "linear" layout rifle LMR, sights, as flies and dioptrical tumbler pillar, mounted on high ground.

    rifle could be equipped with a gun belt and bayonet.

    assault rifle (automatic) trw lmr
    With bayonet


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