Assault rifle (automatic) VHS

    assault rifle (automatic) vhs

    In the early 2000s, to replace in service with Croatia old automata model Zastava M70, the Croatian Army were given an assignment to create a new modern assault rifle (automatic) corresponding to NATO standards.

    assault rifle (automatic) vhs
    Prototype VHS

    In 2005 the Croatian company HS Produkt was first introduced a new machine VHS (Visenamjenska Hrvatska Strojnica - multifunctional Croatian machine gun) chambered 5.56x45 mm NATO, designed by Marko Vukovic (Marko Vukovic) - creator of the famous pistol HS 2000.

    first prototypes VHS appearance strongly resembled machines Israeli Tavor TAR-21, and their device using different proprietary gas buffer rollback of the bolt (part of powder gases withdrawn from the barrel into the cavity behind the shutter, ensuring its smooth braking to roll back, thus reducing perceived shooter returns).

    Caliber, mm 5.56x45 NATO
    Length mm 760 660
    Barrel length, mm 500 400
    Weight 3.0 2.8
    store count. cartridges 30
    Muzzle velocity
    Bullets, m / s
    Effective range
    Fire, m
    500 400
    Rate of fire,
    Rds / min

    However, in 2008 at the international military exhibitions have been shown pre-production versions VHS, which were already in the system using a conventional recoil spring. When this has changed somewhat and appearance machines - they are now more like a French rifle FAMAS.

    machine housing (assault rifle) VHS constructed in bullpup layout and made of plastic.

    New Croatian weapon uses the vapor-automatic direct removal of powder gases to the bolt group. The barrel is locked by turning the bolt.

    Release of spent cartridges carried out only on the right side.

    cocking handle is located on the upper side of the body and can flex to the left or right to use any hand.

    Fuse-translator fire mode is in the form of a pivot arm, located in front of the trigger.

    Food stores of weapons carried standard NATO STANAG, used in the American M16 assault rifle, 30 rounds capacity.

    assault rifle (automatic) vhs
    With fixed bayonet With

    gun barrel could allow rifle grenades, which also has a mount for a bayonet-knife.

    Open adjustable sights are located in the larger integrated handle for carrying weapons.

    Also on the carrying handle and handguard possibility of installation guide type Picatinny rail, which allows the use of optical or night sights and grenade launcher and other accessories.

    assault rifle (automatic) vhs
    In addition to the standard version

    machine labeled VHS-D was designed and compact model VHS-K, which differs from the base sample only a short barrel, which limits its ability to use bayonet-knife and launch rifle grenades.

    In 2009, after a successful military trials, the Ministry of Defence of Croatia was decided to acquire the company HS Product automata model VHS, the first batch of which amounted to 1,000 units.

    assault rifle (automatic) vhs
    VHS-D (bottom)
    VHS-K (top)


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