Assault rifle (automatic) ZM Weapons LR-300 / Para Tactical Target Rifle

    assault rifle (automatic) zm weapons lr- 300 / para tactical target rifle
    LR-300 ML
    With an installed 40-mm grenade launcher

    in 2000 by ZM Weapons introduced a new assault rifle LR-300 (light rifle with an effective range of 300 meters) 5.56h45 mm caliber NATO.

    Rifle ZM Weapons LR-300 is the result of many years of work of the American gunsmith Zitta Alan (Allan Zitta) - founder and owner of the company ZM Weapons.

    LR-300 is a deeply modified version of Colt M4 carbine.

    assault rifle (automatic) zm weapons lr-300 / para tactical target rifle
    LR-300 ML The main technical difference

    LR-300 series rifles from the M16 and M4 is the exhaust system. Alan Zitta developed and patented a new, shorter, system, installed a new cocking and recoil. As a result, managed to reduce the overall length of the weapon and set to automatic, folding butt sideways. Furthermore been redesigned upper slide box.

    rifle LR-300 uses the vapor-automatic direct supply of powder gases inside the bolt (type M16 / AR-15), however, the gas tube is greatly shortened and has high rigidity. Her rear end is actually posted on the barrel inside forearm and the bolt carrier attached to the elongated tube at the front position of the shutter are on the vapor tube, forming a closed gas path from the hole in the barrel to the slide frame. This solution enables the release of excess propellant gases out of the receiver (ie, within the forearm), and also to place the recoil spring around the bolt connected to the tube inside the forearm above the barrel.

    LR-300 ML LR- 300 SR PTTR
    Caliber, mm 5.56h45 NATO
    (.223 Rem)
    - Butt decomposed
    - The stock closed



    Barrel length, mm 292 419 419
    Weight 3.1 3.27 3.27
    Count. cartridges
    20, 30 10 10,
    20, 30
    Fire, m
    300 500 500

    Basically, all changes in the LR-300 touched the top half of the receiver with the barrel venting unit and the bolt group. The lower part of the receiver is similar to that models M16 and M4, although it has some improvements.

    Standard trigger mechanism (USM) M4 has been finalized, to ensure smoother running and ensure the maintenance of single and automatic fire. Rate of fire reaches 950 rounds / min.

    Translator fire mode combined with a fuse, it is located on the left side of the weapon (as well as the entire series M16 / M4).

    pistol grip is made of plastic and for the convenience of the arrow is set at a different angle than the M16. Within the handle cavity is designed to store accessories.

    handguard can be of two types, plastic or aluminum. Both versions have openings for the forearm barrel cooling.

    trunk itself for greater survivability chrome and equipped with a flame arrester.

    assault rifle (automatic) zm weapons lr-300 / para tactical target rifle
    LR-300 ML
    Barrel length 419 mm
    The stock closed

    handguard and receiver cover type provided with guide Picatinni.

    rifle LR-300 is equipped with a folding stock, structurally identical butt assault rifle FN FAL. Butt folded turning on the left side of the weapon and is held in the retracted position by a spring. Optionally, the rifle can be equipped with a sliding and five positional butt (also folding the left side) or the standard M4 rifle from. Get this butt on rifles series M16 / M4 impossible because gas operated mechanism, as part of the butt takes recoil damper bolt.

    Partial disassembly

    LR-300 is very simple and in the field does not require any tools. Recessed spring-loaded detent system for flue gas is separated ventilated protective cover. Recoil and ring terminal pulled back and up about? inches, releasing mainspring. Then removed the bolt and then everything goes in the usual way as in the M16 / M4.

    assault rifle (automatic) zm weapons lr-300 / para tactical target rifle
    LR-300 ML
    Barrel length 419 mm

    ZM Weapons Company was launched production rifle LR-300 in two basic versions:

    - LR-300 ML (Military / Law) - is designed to arm army and police units. Equipped with a barrel length of 292 mm (option to 419 mm). On the rifle grenade accommodate 40 mm grenade launcher.

    - LR-300 SR (Sport Rifle) - Civilian semiautomatic version intended mainly for sport shooting. Equipped with a barrel length of 419 mm.

    assault rifle (automatic) zm weapons lr-300 / para tactical target rifle
    LR-300 SR

    Both LR-300 can be equipped with the gun butt and various modifications.

    Having guides

    type Pictinni on the shank and slide the cover of the box (Flat Top) installs various sighting and accessories.

    Universal Receiver allows the use of all types of stores from the M16 family of rifles (including C-MAG capacity of 100 rounds). Standard are: for LR-300 ML capacity store 30 rounds, for LR-300 SR - 10 rounds.

    Rifle ZM LR-300 is superior to the M4 for shooting accuracy, convenient and reliable.

    One reason for the high accuracy of shooting this rifle is exceptionally smooth descent. Recoil when shooting LR-300 differs from the standard M16 and there is not as springy push, but as an easy, fast pulse with only slight muzzle rise and allowing to keep a quick tip for the next shot. Vysokomanevrennye rifle itself and handiness, provides fast route guidance.

    assault rifle (automatic) zm weapons lr-300 / para tactical target rifle
    Para Tactical Target Rifle
    The stock closed

    Thanks folded butt LR-300 compact, which also distinguishes it from "grandparent».

    However, sales of rifles

    series LR-300 were small because of the very high price (civilian version of the rifle ZM Weapons LR-300 cost more than 2000 $).

    Production rifles LR-300 was discontinued in 2006, and the license for their design was sold to the American division of the Canadian Para-Ordnance.

    In 2009, Para-Ordnance introduced to the market in firearms slightly improved version of the semi-automatic rifle LR-300 under the designation Para Tactical Target Rifle (PTTR).

    assault rifle (automatic) zm weapons lr-300 / para tactical target rifle
    Para Tactical Target Rifle


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