Assault Rifle Bushmaster M17S

    assault rifle bushmaster m17s
    Bushmaster M17S
    Basic model

    In the early 1980s, to participate in the competition for new 5.56 mm machine gun for the army in Australia, a small Australian company «Armstech» developed a new assault rifle chambered 5.56h45 mm NATO bullpup layout.


    competition for a new assault rifle was won by Australian Army Austrian rifle Steyr AUG, entered service under the designation Sun Australia F88.

    Nevertheless, the company Armstech continued development of his rifle, making a number of improvements. But encountered financial problems led to the fact that the rights to a new rifle was sold to another Australian company «Edenpine».

    assault rifle bushmaster m17s
    Bushmaster M17S
    With an installed dot sight

    Company «Edenpine» decided to bring a new and promising system for the U.S. arms market. And from 1992 to 1994 U.S. subsidiary Edenpine (San Jose, CA, USA) was arranged sale of the new semi-automatic rifle under the designation «Edenpine M17S Bull-Pup rifle».

    In 1994 «Edenpine» sold the rights to the modernization and production of rifles American company Bushmaster Firearms Inc. Then the company Bushmaster introduced to the American market with his automatic rifle designation Bushmaster M17S, intended for civilian and police arms markets.

    Rifle Bushmaster M17S developed on the basis of the American AR-18 rifles arranged scheme Bullpup.

    assault rifle bushmaster m17s
    Bushmaster M17S
    With a modified receiver
    With 2 universal guide

    Bushmaster M17S is a semi-automatic rifle that uses the vapor-automatic overhead gas piston with short stroke. Locking barrel by turning the bolt with 7 locking lugs. Massive bolt carrier moves to the spirit guide rods, which are located around the return springs.

    assault rifle bushmaster m17s
    Bushmaster M17S
    With a modified receiver
    With 4 universal guide

    order to reduce the weight of the rifle receiver M17S made of aluminum alloy.

    bolt group and the barrel of the weapon mounted in the receiver.


    receiver plastic box set trigger mechanism, made integral with pistol grip, receiver store and butt plate.

    Stock is made from the stores that are compatible with shops American rifles AR-15 / M16.

    Caliber, mm 5.56x45
    Length mm 760
    Barrel length, mm 546
    Weight 3.72
    store count. cartridges 10, 20, 30
    Effective range, m 550

    Fuse is designed as a cross button at the front of the trigger guard.

    top of the receiver is the handle for carrying weapons on the upper surface of which is made rails for mounting various optical sights.

    rear of the carrying handle is movable and serves as a handle for cocking.

    On request

    weapons can be upgraded by installing an improved receiver without carrying handle, but equipped with from 2 to 4 guide type Picatinny rail (for mounting various sights and additional accessories), as well as a modified cocking handle .

    assault rifle bushmaster m17s
    Bushmaster M17S
    With a modified receiver
    With 4 universal guide type Picatinny rail
    And mounted optical sight, tactical flashlight,
    Additional handle and bipod

    Bushmaster M17S proved quite successful rifle combines quite a long barrel and a relatively compact overall dimensions of weapons, good reliability and easy handling. However, this weapon has certain disadvantages, which include release liner only on the right side and heating aluminum receiver during long continuous shooting.

    In 2005 production rifles Bushmaster M17S was discontinued.


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