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    complex anti-uum-44 subroc

    In 1965, nuclear submarines of the U.S. Navy guided missile Received ASW (PLUR) UUM-44 "Subroc". Up until 1990, these PLUR was equipped with the vast majority of U.S. attack submarines.

    conducted in 1977-1981 years the modernization of engines PLUR allowed to prolong the life cycle of these missiles for another 15 years. In addition, work on the replacement and upgrading of individual blocks and subsystems PLUR "Subroc", held since 1983, has updated approximately 76% of nodes missiles.


    complex anti-uum-44 subroc

    PLUR "Subroc" consists of a combat unit (CU) - nuclear depth charge W-55 and the solid rocket motor, connected by a transitional device. Stabilization of missiles in flight is provided with four T-shaped fins mounted in the tail of the nuclear depth bombs, and four - in the tail of the rocket engine, the front of the motor housing placed nozzle devices, providing reverse thrust when separating warhead. The engine is equipped with four nozzles with gas vents. The rocket nozzle during storage locked tight lid cast gas stream during the firing.

    PLUR equipped with a control system, which is introduced before starting the flight mission. Missile control at the boost phase is carried out by deflectors signals from inertial navigation subsystem.

    After leaving the torpedo at a safe distance from the submarine made to start the engine, fired off bottom cover, and the rocket performs controlled movement on the underwater portion of the trajectory. After exiting the water, it flies at supersonic speed in a given area, the design point trajectory team onboard control system is made reversible inclusion of a rocket engine, providing separation from the rocket warhead. Nuclear depth bomb continues to fly on a ballistic trajectory and retained thereon by means of aerodynamic stabilizers. After immersion in water, it explodes on a predetermined depth. The radius of destruction of this submarine bomb with a TNT equivalent of 1 to 5 kt, is 5-8 km.

    Detection enemy submarines and develop firing data provided by automated command and control system (ASBU) submarine. It allows for an attack several targets as antiship missiles "Subroc", and torpedoes. Used for firing conventional 533-mm torpedo tubes.


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