Atandar IV-P

    atandar iv-p
    Atandar plane was developed by order of NATO light attack fighter capable of taking off from unprepared or shortened runway. NATO commanders particularly insisted that the new aircraft was used powerplant produced by Bristol Orpheus (this condition was realized in the modification Atandar VI). But at an early stage of the work it became clear that the aircraft did not have enough power. Marcel Dassault company decided to risk money and improve aircraft equipped with its power plant Atar. And although the competition for a new car won the G-91 fighter firm Fiat Atandar IV plane with engine Atar drew attention Aeronaval - French naval aviation. It was launched in two versions: IV-M - Strike Fighter and IV-P - scout. Both versions were taken into service in 1962. IV-M, which had a collapsible rod for refueling, has become the main attack aircraft carriers Foch and Clemenceau.
    Production: France
    Type: Single shock and assault aircraft carrier-based interceptor
    Propulsion: turbojet Atar 8-B (SNEGMA) 4400 kg thrust
    Features: max speed at low height. 1180 km / h (683 miles / hour), ceiling 15,000 m range 1,700 km (1056 miles)
    Weight: Empty weight 5800 kg, max take-off weight of 12,000 kg
    Dimensions: wingspan of 9.6 m, length 14.3 m, height 3.86 m, wing area of 28.4 square meters. m
    Armament: two 30mm cannon DEFA (150 rounds each) and five external hardpoints for weapons and equipment to May 1360 kg, including nuclear weapons


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