Coast antiship complex 4K51 Frontier




    management system:

    Radar GOS








    80 km.

    year development:


    coastal antiship complex 4k51 abroad By the end of the 60s in service with the Soviet Navy Bravo was operational-tactical missile complex coastal movable "Redoubt". He had a large range, heavy missile with a powerful warhead, PU placed on only one rocket. Bravo needed for tactical coastal missile system with a shorter range shooting.

    Development of a new

    coastal missile complex "Frontier" began in the ICD "Rainbow" in 1970. The new missile system was chosen tactical antiship missile P-15M "Termite" is the development of a family of P-15 missiles. Instead of bulky PU like the first coastal complexes was established relatively compact launch container CT-161 with a zero-length guide. Two of the container, as well as cabin with control equipment and radar "Harpoon" were placed on the MAZ-543.

    leading designers were complex A. Krylov, A. Afanasyev, VN Barannikoff. In creating complex and its development involved Utrobin VI, VM Egorov, BI Commissioners, PA Elk MV dirty and others. Twin launchers developed under the leadership of NK Tsikunova.

    Complex "Frontier" with upgraded missile "Termite-R" was adopted by the Soviet Navy October 22, 1978.
    In the first half of the 80s complex was modernized - SPU 3P51M was installed on the MAZ-543M.

    complex and is widely exported to the Navy of Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Germany, Cuba, Algeria, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Romania.

    complex NATO designation: Styx, MO USA: SS-N-2C (Surface-to-Surface Navy Type 2 option 3).


    coastal antiship complex 4k51 abroad The complex consists of:

    propelled launcher 3P51 (3P51M)

    missiles P-15M (P-21 / P-22)

    transport vehicle with rockets

    Perhaps complex may further be given to long-range surveillance radar mounted on the rig 40V6 (from S-300P).

    Launcher (see diagram) is mounted on a wheeled chassis with high cross-MAZ-543 (MAZ-543M) with wheel 8 x 8. STC installed on the control cabin with radar "Harpoon", gas turbine power unit, turntable with two containers of missiles launchers KT-161. Containers are ready to fire missiles P-15M (P-21/P-22) - one with ARL GOS and one with infrared homing. STC is autonomous and can decide for yourself combat missions to search and defeat nadvozhnyh purposes. The composition of equipment includes fire control devices, system identification "friend or foe", as internal and external radio communication closed. Radar "Harpoon" is used for target detection and radar is an option that is installed on the missile boats. . The radar antenna with a hydraulic lifting device rises into the firing position to a height of 7.3 m Stowed, she cleaned the front of the hardware-based cabin. The transition time from the launcher traveling to combat - 5 min.

    Containers CT-161 in the stowed position deployed back (facing SPU) in the firing position, they turn to an angle of 110 ° in any direction (the direction of the back) and the elevation angle of 20 ° guides container has zero length with a groove for starting solid propellant. Hardware cabin serves to accommodate electronic equipment, radar equipment and workplaces fighting crew. The turbine assembly serves as a power supply for the elements of the complex power.

    coastal antiship complex 4k51 abroad

    Launch P-15M (P-21 / P-22) "Termite" is an improved modification of P-15U missiles with extended range. The missile has a folding (drop after launch) small extension wing, Y-shaped tail with rudders. Feathering is not formed. Boosters - dual-mode engines. Start SRBs mounted in the rear below the rocket. The missile has an inertial control system running on a midcourse flight and two variants of the active seeker: active radar (ARL GOS) and infrared (IR GOS) of "Bullfinch-M." GSN works on final flight of a rocket - homing site. The missile can be equipped with a conventional warhead weighing 513 kg or nuclear capacity of 15 kt. Height cruising missiles (25 - 50 -250 m) is given before starting.

    On a technical position

    made training and loading the STC. Launchers are promoted to the firing line to defend the coast. STC advances to position the antenna mast radar deploys containers in the direction of shooting. A crew with the help of radar detects the target, the target coordinates are transmitted to the missile, and then made launch.

    rocket starts (see photo) with the help of the booster towards the target, after the release of the container starts marching LRE rocket disclosed wing. With the help of solid propellant rocket start gaining speed and altitude. After running out of fuel discharged starter solid propellant missile with a sustainer engine running down the cruising altitude. Inertial control system maintains the desired altitude, speed, direction of flight.

    After reaching the target area included the GOS. GSN captures objective and directs the missile to the target. Before approaching the target missile maneuver makes - "hill" to hit a target on. Warhead fuze is initiated after the rocket hit the target.

    Loading the SPU is made with the help of additional guides which are fixed on the container. These guides crane mounted rocket and she slid into the container.

    As part of the battery

    complex "Frontier" has four launchers and four freight-loading vehicle. Total 16 missiles in the battery.

    STC complex "Frontier" is a fully autonomous fighting machine itself can detect surface targets and conduct fire on them. Missiles equipped with two types of GOS - GOS ARL and infrared homing. This, as well as a powerful warhead increase the likelihood of injury (breakthrough VOP) dvuhraketnym goal salvo from a single IP (or with several mnogoraketnym) when using active and passive jamming.

    disadvantage is the use of the complex in its composition outdated rocket, which has a relatively large size and weight, which is why the Socialist Party that carries the weight of 40 only 2 missiles. The missile has a low flight speed, which reduces the likelihood of break-ship air defense targets. The missile is equipped with a rocket engine, which complicates the operation of the complex.


    type rockets

    P-15M, P-21 / P-22 ("Termite")

    firing range, km

    8 - 80

    Cruising altitude missiles, m


    marching flight speed, km / h

    1100 (M = 0,9)

    Target detection range, km:
    -Norms. mode

    > 100

    Dimensions, m:
    - Length
    - Wingspan
    - Max. diameter of the body

    6,565 (7,5)

    launch mass, kg.




    Warhead weight, kg

    513 (450?)




    of container


    aerodynamic handlebars

    guidance system

    INS + infrared homing "Bullfinch-M"

    capture target range infrared homing km

    10 - 20

    Sustainer engine

    The dual-mode



    TG-2 ("thin") + nitric acid

    Thrust, kgf


    Start engine


    Thrust, kgf

    29 000

    Sector review radar, hail



    propelled wheel


    8 x 8

    Mounted on the chassis

    MAZ-543 (MAZ-543M)

    weight PU kg

    40 000 - 40 900

    Dimensions in marching position, m:
    - Length
    - Width
    - Height


    Engine - type / power kW

    Diesel / 385

    Max. speed, km / h

    60 - 65

    Range, km

    625 - 635

    Combat Crew.


    number of rockets on the launcher


    launch canister


    container dimensions, m:
    - Length
    - Width



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