Complex tank weapons 9K116-1 Bastion




    management system:

    Office of the laser beam








    4 km.

    year development:


    complex tank weapons 9K116-1 Bastion In 1981, the armament of land forces of the USSR adopted a set 9K116 "brass knuckles" with a controlled laser beam missile, launched from the barrel 100-mm anti-tank gun T-12 . The complex was designed by a team headed by the Tula KBP with AG Shipunov.

    Even before completion of work on the complex "brass knuckles" it was decided to expand the development of unified with him guided weapons for T-54, T-55 and T-62. Almost simultaneously developed two complex 9K116-1 "Bastion" is compatible with 100-mm rifled gun D-10T family type tanks T-54/55 and 9K116-2 "Sheksna" designed for T-62 tanks with 115-mm smoothbore gun U-5TC. 9M117 missile borrowed from the complex "Knuckles" unchanged, while in "Sheksna" she belts equipped with support for sustainable movement of the barrel 115-mm caliber. Changes mostly in the sleeve with a propelling charge, redesigned under the chambers of these guns.

    As a result, in a short time at relatively low cost, conditions were created for the modernization of tanks of the third generation, providing a multiple increase combat effectiveness and largely egalitarian firing capabilities of their upgraded specimens - T-55M, T-55MV, T-55AM, T 55AMV-, T-55AD, T-62M, T-62MV long range shooting with tanks fourth generation.

    Development tank systems was completed in 1983.

    Later complexes "Bastion" and "Sheksna" served as the basis for creating complex 9K116-3 "Fable" guided weapons infantry fighting vehicle BMP-3. Currently, AK "Tulamashzavod" the mass production of a modernized missile 9M117M with tandem HEAT warhead able to penetrate reactive armor current and future tanks

    the west range was designated AT-10 "Sabber" .


    complex tank weapons 9K116-1 Bastion The structure of complex tank weapons 9K116 includes the following elements:

    Shot ZUBK10-1 guided missile 9M117;

    Control Equipment "Wave";

    sight-guidance device 1K13-1 with an 8-fold increase in the daylight channel and 5.5 - night;

    9S831 voltage converter.

    According to the external contour

    controlled shot ZUBK10-1 is close to its unmanaged counterparts - high-explosive/fragmentation ZUOF10 and ZUFO37. Shot ZUBK10-1 consists of missiles and shells. Liner - made of steel and has a bottom vvintnoe detonator. Inside the sleeve is a propelling charge, informing rocket initial velocity of 400-500 m / s, lattice shell is, centering ring and the tank with an inert gas purge and ensuring removal of the products of combustion of a propellant charge after the shot.

    Shot ZUBK10 - unitary warhead loading, it can be used in automated combat pack. The whole sequence of operations is performed automatically launch rockets.

    missile carried in a "duck" with seating in front of the shaped-charge warhead 9N136M disclosed ago by rocket flight aerodynamic control surfaces and air-dynamic steering actuator closed circuit with frontal air intake. To reduce the size of solid-propellant motor is made with front two oblique nozzles. In the tail section are the basic building blocks of onboard equipment guidance system with a laser receiver. Disclosed special device wings arranged at an angle to the longitudinal axis of the missile and provides the rotation in flight. Guided missiles - semi on a laser beam.

    Tank automated fire control system "Wave" was created on the basis of the equipment complex "brass knuckles." Different minimum mass and volume - 47 liters of additional units installed. The guidance system is well protected against various types of noise and provides high accuracy in defeat.


    Range of fire


    flight speed, m / s


    flight time at maximum range, with


    Weight 9M117 missile, kg


    Caliber, mm




    span stabilizers mm


    Penetration, mm


    probability of hitting the target type tank at maximum range


    temperature range combat use, ° C

    -40 .. +50



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