Complex tank weapons 9K119 (9K119M) Reflex




    management system:

    Office of the laser beam









    year development:


    complex tank weapons 9K119 (9K119M) reflex guided weapons 9K119" Reflex "is intended for conducting effective fire from the guns guided missiles against tanks and other armored enemy targets, as well as for shooting small targets (bunker, bunker), with locations and on the move at speeds up to 70km/chas carrier, at ranges up to 5000m.

    complex created in Instrument Design Bureau (Tula), was successfully tested in 1985 and was adopted by.

    Based on the progress made in electronics and rocketry in the decade since the start of the "Cobra", the designers were able to significantly reduce the PCU mass and dimensions of the new missile inscribing it in the contours of conventional high-explosive projectile 3VOF26 for 125 - mm cannon. Eliminated the need to operate in two rocket units and accordingly disappeared problems associated with their automated docking. The new complex can be used on the tanks of the fourth generation, regardless of the scheme autoloader.

    The upgrading complex 9K119 began almost simultaneously with the adoption. As a result of this work was equipped with a set of tandem HEAT warhead. Designers managed to enhance the combat capabilities missiles virtually unchanged mass-dimensional characteristics of the new managed ZUBK20 shot from previously created ZUBK14. Upgraded range was designated 9K119M.

    Currently complex is part of the standard weapons of the T-80U and T-80UD, T-84, T-72AG, T-90 and is offered for export.

    the west range was designated AT-11 "Sniper" (9K119M - AT-11 "Sniper-B").


    complex tank weapons 9K119 (9K119M) reflex The structure of complex tank weapons 9K119 includes the following elements:

    guided missile 9M119 (9M119M);

    9S516 information block;

    automation unit 9S517;

    9S831 voltage converter.

    Shot separate loading ZUBK14 (ZUBK20 for 9M119M) Operating divided into 9M119 missile and pusher 9H949, corresponding in size to the charge liner unmanaged shot (see photo 1, photo 2, photo 3). Restrictions on overload could not completely fill the volume of propellant powder device - a significant portion of its length occupies a spring-loaded rod with tray. The presence of free volume favorably affected the internal ballistics missile ejection process of the barrel, reducing peak overload.

    9M119 missile made of aerodynamic configuration "duck" with additional destabilizers in the fore body.

    Central location

    solid engine with front two oblique nozzles along with an acceptable level of interference laser receiving apparatus provides a minimum shift of the center of pressure and, accordingly, the dynamic characteristics approximately constant as rocket fuel burnup. At undermining its jet stream passes through the laid-axis solid propellant tube also provides telecommunications cabling front compartments located in them elements of the steering linkage with the tail compartment containing the laser receiving apparatus.

    Pentagonal console in terms of four wings folded clockwise from the nose at the sight of the rocket.

    guidance system - semi-automatic laser beam. Directed at the target laser beam to receiver mounted on the rocket and oriented in the direction opposite purpose, which provides high noise immunity complex.


    Range of fire


    flight time at maximum range, with


    The total weight of shot

    ZUBK14 kg


    Weight rocket 9M119M kg


    warhead weight, kg


    Penetration at 90 °, mm

    700 -750

    Penetration at 90 ° for dynamic armor, mm


    probability of hitting the target type of a tank moving at 30km/chas


    type launcher

    Cannon 2A46M


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