Cruise missile Tomahawk BGM-109 A / C / D



    surface ships, submarines

    management system:

    Software control, correction for relief


    spetsboepripasov, high-explosive/fragmentation/incendiary


    Water-land, Strategy




    2,500 km.

    year development:


    cruise missile tomahawk bgm-109 a / a / d Missile" Tomahawk "includes sea-based cruise missiles from surface or underwater launch, missile launchers, missile fire control system and accessories.

    cruise missile (KR) "Tomahawk" BGM-109 is designed in two basic versions: strategic (modification A, C, D ) - for firing at ground targets and tactical (modification B, E ) - to destroy surface ships. Their structural and schematic construction and performance characteristics are identical. All variants of the modular construction principle differ from each other only warhead.


    cruise missile tomahawk bgm-109 a / a / d CR is based on airborne scheme (monoplane) has a cylindrical body with ogival fairing warhead and folding wing is recessed into the housing in the central part and cruciform tail stabilizer. The housing is made of durable aluminum alloy, plastic and radio-grafitoepoksidnogo materials. To reduce radar visibility on the body, wing and stabilizer has been specially treated.

    strategic nuclear warhead KR "Tomahawk" BGM-109A is the W-80 warhead (123kg weight, length about 1m, 0.27m diameter and power 200kt). Undermining made contact fuze. 3km radius of destruction. High accuracy and considerable power of a nuclear warhead strategic KR "Tomahawk" BGM-109A with high efficiency allow hitting small targets heavily protected. According to American experts, the probability of destruction of a protected object to withstand an overpressure of 70 kg/cm2, one KR "Tomahawk" is 0.85, and SLBMs "Poseidon-NW" - 0.10.

    strategic conventional Raman BGM-109C kitted monobloc (polubroneboynoy) warhead, a BGM-109D - cassette, which includes up to 166 bomblets BLU-97B combined action (each weighing 1.5kg) in 24 bundles.

    control and guidance system of the Kyrgyz Republic "Tomahawk" BGM-109 A / C / D is a combination of the following subsystems (see diagram):


    correlation contour terrain TERCOM (Terrain Contour Matching),

    electron opticheskoykorrelyatsionnoy DSMAC (Digital Scene Matching Area Correlator).

    Inertial control subsystem operates at the primary and secondary sections of the rocket (weight 11kg). It includes an onboard computer, an inertial platform and barometric altimeter. Inertial platform consists of three gyroscopes to measure angular deviations missiles in the coordinate system and three accelerometers, acceleration determining these deviations. Subsystem provides positioning accuracy with KR 0.8km flight for 1h.

    in management and strategic guidance to the usual KR warhead BGM-109C and D includes electro-optical correlation subsystem DSMAC, which can significantly improve accuracy (CWE - up to 10m). It uses digital paintings previously captured areas of terrain along the route of the KR.

    cruise missile tomahawk bgm-109 a / a / d For the storage and launching missiles" Tomahawk "on PLA used regular torpedo tubes (SLT) or special installation vertical launch (OHR) Mk45 ( see diagram), and on surface ships, installation of container Mk143 (see diagram, photo1, photo2) or CIP Mk41. For boat storage options missiles used steel capsule (weight 454kg), filled with nitrogen under slight pressure. This allows you to save a rocket ready for use within 30 months. Capsule loaded with a rocket into the TA or the OHR as a normal torpedo.

    U.S. SSNs have four hydraulic bow TA posted at the board (for two) at an angle of 10-12 ° to the center line of the ship and can fire from great depths, which significantly reduces the telltale factors. TA tubes made of three sections: the bow, stern and central. Download the correct location and capsules KR tubes TA carried out using the guide rails and support rollers. Firing mechanism associated with the drive of opening and closing lid unit. The back cover is equipped hydrometric-viewing window for monitoring the filling (draining) TA gauge, as well as cable entry devices connecting the control unit KP with remote control shooting. The hydraulic system of the Kyrgyz Republic has a firing pulse of high pressure air cylinder, power and water heater system. For each group of two pipes TA cylinder mounted on one side. The hydraulic system operates as follows. When applying high pressure air from the ship's air cylinder in line simultaneously with the movement of the piston moves him sitting on a stock cylinder piston with it. Last works for your group TA and supplies water to them through the injection tank, connect to each device via gap slots. When the piston moves from the injection water under pressure enters the tank in the first feed pipe part TA, and then through the holes in the capsule, creating excessive pressure required to eject the missile from the TA. Levers front lid opening actuator TA interlocked so that there can be only one lid is opened in the group, and hence one machine will DETAIL the discharge tank.

    cruise missile tomahawk bgm-109 a / a / d

    fire control, monitoring of the CD in the TA and the OHR, their verification, coordination and launch missiles metering performed by means of fire control system (CMS). Its components are placed on the PLA in the control room and the torpedo room. In the central office boats are remote control, computer and data transformation unit. Displays information and control data output produced on the display panel controller. WM on surface ships is stored in a container installed in the premises of the ship control station weapon. The system uses software and interfaces for computers, enabling issue Cueing and coordinate shooting KR "Tomahawk" on ground targets from one ship to other ships or groups of compounds.

    functioning missile system is as follows. On receipt of the order to use missile commander announces the alarm and puts the ship in increased plant availability. Begins prelaunch missile system, what is spent about 20min. On PLA is fired from TA seawater is fed into the tube system and fed through the holes in the capsule with the CD. At this point in the rocket gets busy creating device inside her body excess pressure about equal to the outside that protects the body from the KR strain. The boat goes to the depth starter (30-60m) and reduces speed to several nodes. The system of control and guidance KR introduce the necessary data for the shooting. Then cover opens TA triggered hydraulic release system CD and rocket ejected from the capsule. Last ejected from the tube TA shortly after the rocket. Rocket associated with container tether length 12m, which at break (5c passing through the underwater portion of the trajectory) occurs prevention and removal steps including starting SRBs. As you progress through the water column pressure inside the enclosure KR reduced to normal (atmospheric), and it comes out of the water on the surface at an angle of 50 °.

    cruise missile tomahawk bgm-109 a / a / d

    When shooting OHR Mk45 cover opens mines, rocket ejection system is activated, and the pressure generated by the gas generator pushes the rocket out of the mine. When you exit it destroys the membrane capsule constraining pressure seawater vertically comes to the surface and, having carried out a U-turn, moves to the programmed trajectory. After 4-6s after the KR out of the water, or with the end of the starting solid propellant pyrotechnic charges dropped tail termoobtekatel and disclosed stabilizer rockets. During this time, the KR goes to a height of 300-400m. Then, starting on the descending branch portion length about 4km disclosed wing, extends the air intake, is shot by explosive bolts starting RDTT included boosters, and Raman shifts to the intended flight path (through the 60s after the start). The height of the rocket is reduced to 15-60m, and speed - up to 885km / h Control of a rocket during its flight over the sea is exercised inertial control subsystem, which provides the output of the KR in the first district of correction (usually it is from the coast a few kilometers). The dimensions of this area depend on the accuracy of determining the place of the launch platform and inertial error control subsystem KR, accumulated during the missile's flight over water.

    Along with equipping ships with missiles "Tomahawk" U.S. conducted an extensive program of development and improvement of sea-launched cruise missiles, which includes:

    Increased firing range of up to 3 4tys. km through the development of more efficient engines and fuels, reducing weight and size characteristics. In particular, the replacement of F-107 turbofan modification thereof, according to American experts, gives rise to 19 percent thrust. and reduction of fuel consumption by 3%. By replacing the existing turbofan engine vintoventilyatornym in conjunction with a special gas generator range will increase by 50% at constant mass-dimensional characteristics of the missile.

    improve the accuracy of targeting up to several meters by equipping KR receiving equipment NAVSTAR satellite navigation system and laser locator. It includes an active infrared sensor forward looking and C02 laser. Laser radar provides an opportunity to fixed targets selection, navigation software and speed correction.

    increasing depths starting with KR PLA using a more powerful starting SRBs;

    reducing the impact of air defense and missile defense in combat use of cruise missiles. Reduce the impact of air defense combat stability and improve the KR assumed by reducing its radar signature, increasing the number of flight programs, the possibility of their rapid replacement or adjustment during a rocket flight. For this purpose it is planned to use more efficient computers and satellite communications.


    firing range, km

    BGM-109A when starting from a surface ship


    BGM-109C / D for starting with a surface ship


    BGM-109C / D when starting from a submarine


    maximum flight speed, km / h


    average flight speed, km / h


    Missile length


    Diameter missiles, m


    Wingspan, m


    Starting weight, kg



    BGM-109C / D






    Polubroneboynaya - 120kg


    Cassette - 120kg

    Sustainer engine F-107



    Mass consumption, kg


    dry weight, kg


    Link kg




    Diameter, mm



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