DP-61 Grenade "Duel»

    grenade dp-61 & # 171 ; duel »
    DP-61 «Duel» Hand grenade

    DP-61 "Duel" is a rocket launcher to deal with saboteurs and is designed to protect ships, ports and coastal installations.

    Unlike multilateral countersabotage propelled grenades PD-61 has only one trunk.

    distinctive feature of the DP-61 is the ability to conduct aimed fire from the shoulder in the angular range of the vertical guidance from -45 to +45 deg. at a range of up to 500 m

    dp-61 grenade duel « »
    MRG-1 "Spark»

    anti-seal Single-DP-61 grenade launcher was developed in the late 1970s SSPE "Basalt" based on the seven-stationary grenade MRG-1 "Spark».


    use MRG-1 to increase the mobility of using a grenade launcher was decided one trunk "Ogonek" mounted on a horizontal cradle on the shoulder shooting. A cradle to perform shoulder rest, vertical guidance mechanism and mount the generator from the landing rocket launcher "kick." So there was a DP-61 grenade launcher "Duel».

    Unlike MRG-1 hand grenade DP-61 is operated by one person and can be used from any location other than the ship's deck indoor and coastal patrols.

    Human anti-seal

    DP-61 grenade launcher was adopted by the Soviet Navy in the late 1970s.

    Caliber, mm 55
    Weight without grenades, kg 6.0
    Sighting range shot, m 500
    effective casualty radius, m 18

    for firing a grenade launcher uses DP-61 high-explosive rocket-propelled grenade RG-55M and signal grenades GDS-55 - to indicate the location of the detected swimmer.

    High Explosive 55mm grenades that resemble miniature depth bombs consist of a jet engine with an annular stabilizer and warhead with fuze. The front part of the fuse is in the shape of a truncated hemisphere, thereby avoiding grenades bounce when they hit the water. Fuse, which operates at any angle of approach to water grenades, has several settings depth blasting manually installed special key before loading grenades in the trunk. High-explosive grenade strikes effectively combat swimmer within 16 m over the entire range of depths, where it is possible to find.


    jet engine grenades carried by electric igniter through contact on the ring bus regulator.

    disadvantage DP-61 grenade launcher "Duel" is the presence of the danger zone for a treasury cut grenade, which limits its use. However, the reliability and high combat effectiveness of the DP-61 grenade launcher were confirmed by long experience in operating in different climatic zones.


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