Fighting vehicle BM-24T




    management system:





    Multiple rocket launchers




    11 km.

    year development:

    fighting machine BM-24t Development fighting machine BM-24T has been included in the plan development activities for 1951. 4 Office of the GAC and the Council of Ministers approved the SSR number 4814-2095ss from 04.12.50g. In accordance with this Regulation provided that the State Union Ministry of Machine Building Design Bureau of Instrument and / GSKB MMiP, chief designer Barmine VP / was to develop and submit to the factory test trials in the IV quarter 1951 two prototype combat vehicle BM- 24T based on the average prime mover AT-S.

    for this work order Military Deputy Minister of the USSR from 25.06.51 № 719 799 GLAVTU was obliged to be separated in the III quarter of 1951 GSKB MMiP two medium artillery tractor AT-S. But tractors in 1951 were not allocated because of delay in their production Kirov factory / g Chelyabinsk /. Delay in delivery trucks caused a delay of about a year, in the development of BM-24T.

    For work were prepared by the tactical and technical requirements (PR) № 005764 on fighting machine BM-24T based on the average prime mover AT-S approved artillery commander of the Soviet Army Kazakov VI During the development they were specified (see the electronic version of the document).

    In developing

    TTT number 005764 design medium artillery tractor AT-S, in particular dimensions of the cockpit, have not yet been finally determined. Clause 6 of these TTT when shooting through the cabin were provided: minimum elevation of 14 °, the maximum - 70 °. When shooting from the board - from 0 ° to +70 °

    Under mounting

    experienced combat vehicles GSKB MMiP got one tractor AT-S with a large shower and a second tractor - no cab. In reviewing the preliminary design turned out that on the tractor cab possible to mount the launcher with software provided by paragraph 6 TTT elevation angles, but the center of gravity launcher will be located high that it would adversely affect the operational capacities for sustainability, durability and ease of combat vehicle maintenance.

    In order to ensure the possibility of developing more rational design of BM-24T with all the features Coil paragraph 6 TTT number 005,764 was adjusted. Vertical angles of fire when shooting through the cabin were taken from +20 ° to +60 °, when shooting with the sides from 0 ° to 60 °.

    In the design process

    BM-24T revealed the feasibility of a special trailer / battery box / kit for transportation of ammunition, hauled itself, fighting machine. See TTT to the trailer.

    were formulated following requirements to the trailer:

    1. Be transported on a trailer 24 or 36 projectiles weighing 113 kg without capping. The total weight of your loaded trailer must not exceed 8 tonnes.

    2. Construction trailer should provide ease of installation and laying out shells, as well as the reliability of fastening them from shifting when the trailer on the roads of varying quality and in off-road conditions.

    3. Track width of the trailer should fit in the track width of the tractor AT-S.

    4. Trailer had to be sprung, have wheels with tires 2K and meet the requirements for use in its off-road towing tractor AT-S.

    5. Attaching the trailer hitch of the tractor PBX must be made through the shaft, providing connection flexibility, allowing the slope of the trailer relative to the tractor in the longitudinal and transverse directions established for fighting machine BM-24T. The adaptation of the trailer shall be made easily and quickly, and should not allow spontaneous disconnect it under all operating conditions.

    6. Angle-roll / side roll / trailer had to be not less than the angle set for fighting machine BM-24T

    7. The ground clearance of at least 0.4 m

    8. The trailer must have brakes, allowing the wheel brake as when driving downhill and in the uncoupled state.

    9. The trailer must be behind and laterally reflecting light signals, and furthermore, rear - electro-light signal is a "stop" powered by the tractor power-C AT.

    10. When transporting by rail trailer must fit into the rail envelope "On".

    11. The trailer must have two spare wheels and tools for secure fastening it.

    12. Construction trailer must be tailored to enable long-term storage in his warehouse conditions without violating service properties.

    See our website for correspondence 4 Office Main Artillery Directorate (GAU) to work on the prototype combat vehicle BM-24T and the tractor AT-S (ATS).

    Fighting vehicle BM-24T was adopted by the Soviet Army in 1956.


    BM-24T was designed to fire 240-mm high-explosive shells turbojet M-24F and M-24FUD. It has been applied to:

    suppression and destruction of strongholds and centers of resistance to the forefront and in the depth of the enemy defense;

    the destruction of settlements, converted into units of resistance;

    destruction and suppression of artillery and mortar batteries of the enemy;

    reflection massed tank attacks of the enemy;

    reflection attack enemy infantry.

    When shooting fighting machine BM-24T missiles flew closer and to the right than the same Rockets launched from combat vehicle BM-24 ->

    Basic tactical and technical data BM-24T


    diameter bore, mm


    number of stems


    barrel length, mm


    highest elevation, º


    angle horizontal guidance, º

    ± 90

    lowest elevation, º:

    sector horizontal guidance ± 68 º 30 'from the longitudinal axis BM

    14 º 30 '

    sectors horizontal guidance from 68 º 30 'to 90 º on each side

    0 º

    Dimensions (stowed)








    Weight BM with the expectation shells and SPTA kg


    weight without shells and BM calculation kg


    Weight artillery unit, kg


    Weight swinging parts, kg


    ZIP artillery unit Weight, kg


    Operating Data

    maximum time needed to produce a full volley s


    Transfer time from traveling to combat without loading, min


    time required for loading, min


    force on the handle of flywheel drive hoist kg



    force on the handle actuator handwheel pivoting mechanism, kg



    Change elevation in one revolution of the flywheel drive hoist, º



    angle per one rotation of the flywheel rotary drive mechanism,

    1 º 52 '

    Maximum speed BM charged on dirt roads of average quality, km / h


    greatest traction winches, kg


    greatest depth of the ford, m


    Maximum gradient, º


    maximum angle of heel, º


    Maximum turning radius, m



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