Fighting vehicle Fadjr-5




    management system:



    high-explosive/fragmentation/incendiary, cassette, high-explosive, incendiary, smoke burning


    Multiple rocket launchers




    75 km.

    year development:

    fighting machine fadjr-5 fighting vehicle Fadjr-5 is designed to engage osobovazhnyh goals: command and control and communications, missile launching sites and firing positions of artillery, radar and areas of concentration of troops and military equipment, administrative and political centers ; the enemy.

    system was developed by Shahid Bagheri Industries is a structural unit of the aerospace industry of Iran, possibly with the technical assistance of the DPRK.

    is currently in service with the Iranian ground forces and organization "Hezbollah".


    fighting machine fadjr-5 Artillery part of the first examples of the combat vehicle Fadjr-5 was mounted on the modified chassis serial truck Mersedes-Benz 2624 6 × 6, in front of which are located pressurized cabin and engine. Currently used modified truck chassis Mercedes-Benz 2631, which is also used as a combat vehicle chassis Fadjr-3.

    The composition

    artchasti includes a package of four tubular guides gathered in one horizontal row (see photo). Judging from published photographs guides provided with at least one guide pin groove under the leading projectile. Cabin is located behind the cab for the calculation. When shooting cockpit windshields usually closed blinds.

    Behind on the left hand side are the drives guidance package guides in elevation and azimuth. To stabilize the combat vehicle with the shooting, four jack.

    used for firing unguided rockets (NURS) caliber 333-mm stabilizer unit with blades that open after starting. In flight NURS stabilized by rotation around the longitudinal axis. Shells can be equipped with different types of warheads: high-explosive, high-explosive, incendiary, smoke burning in equipment or tape submunitions. Warhead weight is 175 kg. High-explosive/fragmentation/incendiary warhead fuze is equipped with a bow shock.

    NURS stored and transported in individual capping. Capping with the projectile weight is 1210 kg.

    fighting machine fadjr-5 Shooting is single-shot or volley. The interval between the gathering of shells from the rails is 4-8c. After shooting combat vehicle moving on technical position. Reloading is done by a crane.

    Upgraded combat vehicle Fajr-5 is equipped with an automated fire control system (FCS). The system allows payment data for firing, guidance and launch NURS cab war machine or remotely using the remote at a distance of up to 1000 m remote.

    new addition MSA is the network communication system for centralized fire control and communication between the command and staff vehicles (CSV) and several batteries combat vehicles Fadjr-5 located at a distance of 20km.

    been reported that complexation MSA BM Fadjr-5 with sea search radar surface targets that potentially allows the system Fadjr-5 as an anti-ship weapons, such as anti-landing defense of the coast. Antiship capabilities of the system, presumably, can be expanded to use as a means of destruction upgraded NURS type Noor or Raad.


    fighting vehicle Fadjr-5

    Stowed Dimensions, mm
    - Length
    - Width
    - Height


    combat vehicle weight, kg


    maximum speed MB by paved roads, km / h



    tubular rails pc


    Elevation, °
    - Minimum
    - Maximal


    angle horizontal fire, °
    - The right of the axis of the chassis
    - Left axis of chassis


    NURS Specifications

    Caliber, mm


    Projectile length, mm


    - Cnaryada
    - High-explosive fragmentation warhead
    - Charge warhead

    175 (178)

    maximum range of the projectile, m


    Maximum height trajectory when shooting at maximum range, m


    projectile flight speed, m / s


    tests and operation

    Presumably, two shells were launched towards Israel's capital - the city of Tel Aviv from Gaza evening November 15, 2012.

    Palestinian terrorist organization "Al-Quds Brigades," which is the military wing of the "Islamic Jihad" claimed responsibility for the fire. According to statements made in the direction of Tel Aviv was released two rockets for combat vehicle Fadjr-5, and pointed out that the group has hundreds of such missiles.


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