Fire control system Skyguard




    management system:

    Radar GOS








    10 km.

    year development:


    fire control system skyguard Due to the increasing importance of the tasks to detect and combat low-flying air targets in several countries developed radar facilities that enable effective and timely detection of such targets. In particular, the Swiss company "Oerlikon Contraves Defence" was created by an all-weather fire control system "Skyguard", originally designed for use with anti-aircraft guns (35 mm twin gun "Oerlikon"). Simultaneously, the Swiss specialists consider the application of the system as part of an anti-aircraft missile system equipped with missiles "Sparrow".

    Currently complex "Skyguard" with missiles of various modifications is in the armies of Spain, Italy, Greece, Canada and other countries.


    fire control system skyguard System" Skyguard "can control the fire of three launchers (four transport and launch container Zour" Sparrow "), or one launcher and two 35-mm guns" Oerlikon ". The last option considered by foreign experts as the best in terms of fighting low-flying targets.

    fire control system "Skyguard" placed in a uniform cab mounted on a double-axle trailer (total weight of 5 tons) or the crawler transporter M548. Its main elements are:

    radar detection equipment identification "- another's",

    tracking radar,

    TV equipment,

    digital computer,

    remote control and power supply.

    Both stations

    pulse-Doppler, use a common transmitter.

    radar detection , working in W-cm range, has a range of up to 20 km. Beamwidth type Kassegreyna azimuth is 1.7 °, elevation 55 °. Antenna rotation speed 60 rev / min. To improve noise immunity applied fast frequency tuning and repetition. Transmitter (average power of 200 W) emits pulses of 1 or 0.3 microseconds at one of the five preset frequencies in the 900 MHz band. The station is capable of detecting targets flying at a speed of up to 1350 m / s, and has a range resolution of 160 m on the air situation data is displayed on a circular angle (diameter 24 cm), which has a switchable scan in range from 0.3 to 20 km.


    tracking radar (a range of about 15 km, antenna beamwidth 2.2 °) used monopulse signal processing method. Station feature is that it can simultaneously track and enemy aircraft and missile fired from a class "air-to-ground." In this case, the operator beeps. It determines the degree of danger each of the objectives and implement start-Zour on the most dangerous. With good visibility even in conditions of electronic warfare support for aerial target in automatic or manual mode can be used television equipment consisting of a camera (mounted on the left antenna tracking radar) and TV screen (in the cab). If necessary, the operator can quickly go back to the target tracking by radar.

    fire control system skyguard

    The system

    "Skyguard" has digital computer designed for the following tasks:

    determine the hazard classification purposes,

    calculating the coordinates of the point of pre-emption for firing FOR,

    development teams to launch,

    issuing control commands both radar and television camera,

    checking of all system elements.


    management flak guns and missiles PU transmitted along the cable lines. Computer can also be used for simulating combat situation when learning a complex calculation. Located on the control plan position indicator, a television screen, the input data into the computer, handles management of the radar and television equipment (manual mode), the matrix showing input and output data, and the control panel.

    fire control system skyguard

    Power System "Skyguard" carried out by a generator power of 20 kW (frequency 400 Hz), driven by a gasoline engine air cooling. There is a voltage regulator. Electroagregat placed in a unified cockpit fire control system.

    SAM launcher, developed in conjunction with the firm "Raytheon", mounted on a wheeled carriage the same as anti-aircraft artillery unit with a 35-mm cannon "Oerlikon". In the middle part of it on the turntable is the operator's cabin with radar target illumination and optical sight. Dockable pairs laterally cabin freight containers with missiles launchers are replaced with a truck crane for 5-6 min. PU is controlled by the "Skyguard" (cables connected thereto) or manually by an operator holding a place in the cockpit.

    fire control system skyguard

    to engage aerial targets in this complex can be used SAM "Sparrow" various modifications (AIM-7E, AIM-7F and RIM-7H), as well as established on the basis of their missiles "Sky Flash" (UK) and " ; Aspide-1a "(Italy). All are equipped with semi-active radar homing and single-stage solid-propellant engine.

    In 1984-1987 years. Egypt was delivered 18 air defense system battery "Skyguard-Sparrow", which got its own name "Amoun". The composition includes a battery fire control system "Skyguard", two twin 35 mm towed anti-aircraft guns GDF-003, two launchers with four missiles "Sparrow" on each. Complex "Amoun" can bombard and destroy up to three objectives: two with missiles, and one - cannon means. The reaction time is 4.5 for anti-aircraft guns with, for rockets - 8. Complexes put Egypt upgraded on 16 items including new antenna radar with reduced influence of reflections from the Earth's surface, a new computer and software. Modernized equipment jobs three operators. Radar detection range increased to 20 km, and the lens - up to 15 km. In Egypt itself was planned to organize the production of individual system components.

    In Greece

    air defense system "Skyguard-Sparrow" was named "Velos" it uses rocket RIM-7M.

    In Spain

    fire control system "Skyguard" combined with a launcher "Spada", which placed missiles "Aspide". Assembling the Spanish version of the complex, received the name "Toledo", made in Spain, where produced as transport and launch container for the rocket, some electronic and mechanical components for the launcher.


    maximum interception range, km


    Minimum range interception km


    Maximum height

    interception, m


    Minimum height

    interception, m


    maximum effective range of 35 mm installation "Oerlikon", km



    35mm Position "Oerlikon", rds / min (on the trunk)


    complex deployment time, with


    Missile length "Sparrow" AIM-7E, mm


    Diameter missiles mm


    Wingspan mm


    Starting weight, kg


    Weight fragmentation warhead, kg


    Maximum speed missiles, M


    tests and operation

    In 1980 demonstration firings complex "Skyguard-Sparrow" held at the site of NATO NAMFI, settling down on the island of Crete. The target used radio-controlled target drones "Chukar". Target approaching the firing position with the parameter set 700 m and had a speed of 200 m / s. Defeat the purpose of the first rocket was held at a distance of over 12 km through direct contact with the target. The second target was hit at undermining warhead proximity fuse, slip was 1 m

    In mid 1991 the successful missile firings with AIM-7F, to make a direct hit in a radio-controlled target, which had a speed of 200 m / s at a distance of over 10 km. Later held successful control firings on radio-controlled target, which had supersonic flight, the firing was in poor visibility and strong winds.


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