FOR AT-Chun Zhu


    for al-chun chu

    This trainer was created by Taiwanese aeroindustrii Development Centre (AIDC), in collaboration with the American company Northrop for Chinese (Taiwan) National Air Force. Its design began in 1975, the traditional machine configuration - low wing, tricycle landing gear, a double cabin and two turbojet engines, placed in koyasuhah raised on both sides of the fuselage. After acceptance testing prototypes in 1978 were transferred to the machine production, and in September 1980 the first production aircraft is undergoing flight tests. The result has been contracted to supply 60 aircraft FOR AT-Chun Zhu for the Chinese Air Force during the service FOR AT-operated as the training machines and have been praised for their agility. This aircraft allows training with various weapons. About 45 machines were upgraded to a model AT-SG, Fully furnished and radar display on the windshield.

    Proievodstvo Taiwan

    Type: Double trainer

    Powerplant: two turbojet capacity. TFE731-2-2L thrust of 1588 kg

    Features: max speed at an altitude of 11,000 m -904 km / h (562 miles / hour), ceiling 14,650 m; future. without refueling 2280 km

    Weight: Empty weight 3855 kg, maximum takeoff weight of 7940 kg

    Dimensions: wingspan 10.46 m length (with a barbell PVD) 12.9 m, height 4.36 m wing area 21.93 m . m

    Armament: two 12.7-mm machine gun under the fuselage, two guides wingtip missile air-to-9 Sidewinder A1M; five external pylons under max, load up to 2720 kg, including missiles, air-to-ground, machine-gun and cannon gondola puskavye missiles and cluster bombs Position


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