Grenade 6G27 "Balkan»

    grenade 6g27 « Balkans & # 187 ;
    6G27 "Balkan»
    The machine
    launcher Balkan 6g27 « »
    6G27 "Balkan»

    In the 1980s, in the Tula TsKIB SOO was designed by highly experienced 40-mm grenade TKB-0134 "Goat". In developing the grenade TKB-0134 puts the problem significantly improve range and efficiency in comparison with the standard at the time of an automatic grenade launcher AGS-17 30 mm caliber.

    To achieve that goal the developers have increased caliber weapons up to 40 mm, using a non-standard also for this class of weapons design caseless ammunition with "flying away" sleeve (propellant chamber is an integral part of the housing and grenade leaves the barrel along with it). A similar solution is used in 40-mm VOG-25 grenade launchers GP-25, but the grenades for TKB-0134 had about twice as much weight and significantly greater firing range.

    grenade 6g27 « Balkans & # 187 ;

    40mm caseless grenade 7P39
    Cross-sectional view and the view of the bottom of the
    (Center cap and four windows to exit the powder gases,
    Hermetically sealed membranes)
    launcher Balkan 6g27 « »
    6G27 "Balkan»

    In the early 1990s on the basis of TKB-0134 designers VN Teles, P. Galkin and V. Lebedev started to create a 40-mm automatic grenade launcher "Balkan".

    designers have designed and tested the basic elements 6G27 grenade "Balkan", and only caused economic hardship in the country prevented complete such an ambitious project.

    The development

    grenade launcher "Balkans" includes machine-automatic grenade launcher and 6G27 40mm caseless shots to him 7P39 engaged SSPE FSUE "Device" - the main developer of ammunition for automatic grenade launchers and small-caliber automatic guns in Russia.

    automatic mounted grenade launchers "Balkan" uses the vapor-automatic, in which the role of the gas piston performs drummer rigidly attached to the bolt. This decision was made possible (and necessary) because of their lack of grenades 7P39 separate liner providing obturation powder gases in the barrel chamber.

    Shooting from open bolt, with the parish of the bolt in the forward position with drummer bolt carrier continues to move forward by the return spring by turning the bolt to lock it, and then the hammer strikes the primer in the bottom of the grenade. At the moment of the shot escaping from the bottom of the powder gases grenades press on the end part of the striker, pushing it (and associated bolt carrier) ago. After the grenade left the barrel and the pressure in it fell, bolt carrier rolled back enough to turn the lock and unlock it, after which the entire slide group inertia rolls back.

    grenade 6g27 « Balkans & # 187 ;

    6G27 "Balkan»
    launcher Balkan 6g27 « »
    40mm grenades 7P39
    In the tape factory equipment
    For automatic grenade launcher "Balkan»

    Food grenade ammunition is made from loose metal strip fed from right to left. Pomegranates are factory equipment to tape capacity of 20 shots, 2 tape in the transport container. For shooting tape fit into a round container adjacent to the body of the grenade launcher right.

    Grenade "Balkan" nominally equipped with an optical sight.

    grenade launcher mounted on machine-tripod, which is a modified machine grenade launcher AGS-17 mounted on the rear seat support for the shooter.

    stability problem 6G27 grenade "Balkan" decided to just: placing the hand on the seat, arranged between the rear legs of the machine. With seating firing of the "lying", "sitting" and "kneeling", do not need to make heavier weapons, and when moving to the back seat fighter adjacent flat and not angular support.

    In 2008, "Device" set for trials in the Russian Armed Forces 6 grenade "Balkan" and the required amount of ammunition.

    Caliber, mm 40
    weight to the machine, kg 30
    Maximum firing range 2500
    Rate of fire / min 400

    Compared with the best foreign launcher of the same caliber - American Mk19MZ - it is twice as effective and as many times easier.

    Thus for 40-mm grenade launchers "Balkan" claimed a substantial increase in the firing range (up to 2500 meters) and defeats the purpose of efficiency (up to 2 times) compared to the 30mm grenade launcher AGS-17 and AGS-30.

    It is worth adding that the Russian 40 mm caseless ammo three times more powerful than the American sleeves of the same caliber.

    prototype testing showed that "the Balkans", doubles the effectiveness of 30-mm automatic mounted grenade launchers AGS-17 "Flame" has a 47% greater range (2500 m vs. 1700).


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