Grenade AGP M1A2

    grenade agp m1a2

    AGP M1A2

    AGP M1A2 Grenade Adapter is designed for long-distance throwing hand grenades using firearms.

    They used

    AGP M1A2 since the Second World War, in various embodiments and modifications until the mid-1970s.

    Adapter AGP M1A2 used in conjunction with rifles Garand M1, Garand M2, Garand M3 and some others, whose trunk allowed its use.

    disposable adapter, it is completely made of sheet iron.

    granatomet agp m1a2
    AGP M1A2
    With an installed hand grenade

    All parts (body, stabilizer and female) are interconnected by spot welding and three screws.

    For shooting a grenade was inserted into the socket adapter and secured three steel clamps, while the trigger grenades inserted into the slot. The adapter then wore on his rifle, and, just before the shooting, pulled out a grenade pin. Shooting grenades produced blank rifle cartridge.

    When firing adapter AGP M1A2 turned special socket with a trigger lever grenades down, because in such a situation it was better flight path. Powder gases passing bore striking the bottom of the socket adapter and pushed him with a grenade at a distance of 150 - 300 meters. Then, when hitting the ground, the grenade flew out of the adapter. This was accompanied by the release of the trigger, which dealt a blow to the fuse of a grenade explosion and occurred.


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