Grenade Armbrust

    grenade armbrust

    Grenade Armbrust (Crossbow - it.) designed to combat enemy armored targets, it shelters and fortifications, and has a very original design.

    bazooka Armbrust was developed in the late 1970s as an individual infantry antitank weapon, suitable for operations in the city.

    main developer grenade became the German company Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm (MBB). Currently, the production of these grenade in Germany is completed, but their production licenses was established in Belgium and Singapore.

    grenade armbrust
    caliber barrel, mm 78
    caliber grenades, mm 67
    Length mm 850
    Weight 6.3
    grenades Weight, kg 0.99
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 220
    Sighting range, m 300
    Penetration, mm 300

    Armbrust grenade consists of the starting device and placed it in the factory HEAT projectile equipped with a piezoelectric fuze. Tube launch container is made of plastic, it housed elements throwing system: a propelling charge, blasting cap, two drive piston, pomegranate and so-called "protivomassa." Rear trigger is sealed by a rubber lid and front covers his grenade. When fired, the primer ignites the powder charge, and the resulting powder gases driven pistons in opposite directions: front piston pushes feathered cumulative grenade, and the rear compresses synthetic filler that absorbs some of the energy of powder gases. Huddled filler leaves the barrel breech, but the air is rapidly losing speed and crumbles behind rocket launcher. Weights grenades and filler are so thrower does not feel the recoil.

    grenade armbrust
    granatomet armbrust
    Shooting from the enclosed space As the pistons stopper at the muzzle, the shot is practically noiseless and flameless. Due to this reduced the impact of side effects accompanying the shot, he is not accompanied by sound - and plameobrazovaniem. The design of the system allows the propellant to use these weapons in enclosed spaces, and breech of the starting device must be removed from the wall by 0.8 meters

    After firing a grenade launcher tube at an elevated temperature, but the risk of burns or no gap.

    grenade has shaped-charge warhead with a piezoelectric fuze (developed as an option with the fragmentation antipersonnel grenade) and shestilopastny stabilizer. Fuse triggered when meeting with obstruction angle to 73 degrees. Limited caliber armor piercing grenade launcher can be used only against light armored vehicles and shelters. Flight path grenades enough canopy - at the firing range of 200 m maximum excess path is 1 m, at 300 m - about 3.5 m flight time at distances of 300 m - about 1.5 seconds. Penetration is 300 mm.

    granatomet armbrust
    shell for Armbrust

    For comfort and stability when firing are folding shoulder rest and pistol grip.

    sight grenade launcher - easy, mirror.


    Armbrust grenade launcher with grenade cumulative Bundeswehr armed and special law enforcement units consisted modifications: AR with grenade Armbrust frag grenade (damage radius - 14 m), with a grenade Armbrust UB training grenade and grenade Armbrust SC for practical shooting loose-caliber barrel 17 mm (survivability up to 1000 shots).

    Grenade Armbrust was adopted by a number of countries (mainly the Bloc NATO).


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