Grenade Armscor

    grenade armscor

    Grenade Pistol Armscor consists of barrel with iron sights, receiver front and pistol grips, trigger mechanism and folding butt.

    trigger mechanism of double-acting hammer type.

    < td> 340
    Caliber, mm 40
    Length (stock extended), mm 665
    Barrel length, mm
    Weight 3.7
    grenade Muzzle velocity, m / s 76
    Maximum firing range 375

    Fuse weapons located above the pistol grip to the left of the receiver.

    barrel grenade launcher mounted on the axis in front of the receiver and is held in the breech clips. With the loading breech tilts up.


    in breech mounted collimator sight with aiming mark on the type of the point. Collimator mounted in a frame mechanical sight, where with the help of drum aiming angles exhibiting sighting range.

    for comfortable shooting a grenade at Armscor has folding stock.


    grenade uses standard 40mm ammunition low energy (radius continuous defeat fragmentation grenade is 5 meters).

    Hand grenade

    Armscor was adopted by the South African army.


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