Grenade B-300

    grenade b-300
    grenade b-300
    System components

    Israeli bazooka B-300 is based on the Soviet RPG-7 and French LRAC, and combines the best features of them.

    Due to the small diameter warhead launcher B-300 is not able to penetrate the armor of a modern tank. However, against light armored vehicles it can be used quite effectively.

    B-300 consists of a launcher tube and the container, which is placed inside the garnet.

    Before firing

    container is attached to the rear of the tube.

    Israeli innovation is that the grenade launcher consists of two parts: the sight with a handle and disposable guide tube with a grenade and hammer mechanism.

    grenade b-300

    When transporting
    grenade b-300
    Snaryazhanie grenade

    Fires rocket grenades Stabilizability with cumulative warheads.

    When firing armor-piercing projectile cumulative armor breaks directed stream of gases bursting charge.

    Grenade B-300 is quite compact and can be easily carried and used by one person. Effective range - up to 400 m

    Israeli grenade B-300, in turn, served as the basis grenade SMAW firm "McDonnell Douglas", produced in large quantities for the U.S. Army. Pomegranates have a massive SMAW warhead.

    grenade b-300

    When using the
    caliber grenades, mm 82
    Length (firing position), mm 1400
    grenade Weight, kg 3 5
    grenades Weight, kg 4,5
    grenade Muzzle velocity, m / sec 280
    Effective range, m 400
    Penetration mm 400


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