Grenade B & T GL-06

    grenade b & t gl-06
    With dot sight
    Additional front handle and flashlight
    grenade b & t gl-06
    In the "police" version of LL-06
    With a set of various "non-lethal" shots

    For this company Brugger & Thomet have developed special "non-lethal" ammunition based on standard 40-mm low-velocity grenades and special weapons for these shots.

    By design the new GL-06 grenade launcher can be used not only police "non-lethal" shots caliber 40 mm, but the entire spectrum of combat and the training caliber 40h46mm shots, including shots of tear gas, high-explosive, illuminating, incendiary , smoke grenades and other types.

    Thus, GL-06 grenade launcher can be used by both the police and army units, require flexible, high-precision, compact and lightweight 40 mm caliber weapons.

    40-mm grenade launcher GL-06 is a single-shot rifled barrel convertible.

    trunk latch is located in front of the trigger guard, the barrel flips up automatically after clicking on a special thanks to the latch spring.

    Caliber, mm 40
    (Stock closed / decomposed) mm
    Barrel length, mm 280
    Weight 2.1
    Fire, m

    trigger mechanism - only self-cocking, with concealed hammer, manual safety is in the form of cross button.

    Butt plastic folding sideways (if necessary, you can shoot with folded butt).

    The barrel

    an adjustable open sights and rail-type Picatinny rail for mounting optics.

    Under the barrel

    made extra guide type Picatinny, which can be installed on the front handle, and LCC.

    According to the experts

    , GL-06 is lighter and more compact hand grenade than similar weapons of the same class (eg, the American M79 grenade launcher or German HK69), with better ergonomics and tactical flexibility.

    grenade b & t gl-06
    When recharging


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