Grenade Baryshev ARGB

    grenade Baryshev argb

    Automatic grenade launcher Baryshev - ARGB designed to defeat fragmentation grenades single and multiple enemy targets at ranges up to 1000 m

    Almost all the advantages

    ARGB characteristic gun PBC fully embodied in the manual automatic grenade Baryshev.

    ARGB can be used as a very powerful weapon fire support to infantry units. Such weapons indispensable for direct fire support of infantry, especially in offensive combat, fighting in difficult conditions: the settlements, in the trenches, in the mountains.

    At the time of

    ARGB on weight and size characteristics significantly outperforms all known systems of automatic grenade launchers.

    granatomet Baryshev argb

    Weapon Baryshev relates to systems of automation, which are used for work delayed blowback. All samples of these weapons have a very peculiar breech created by a single scheme. Their peculiarity is that in addition to its primary function they provide more energy and partial absorption of recoil, because details shutter - combat larva, bolt carrier, frame shutter and locking lever - not rigidly connected to each other, so a large part of the recoil energy during shot expended in bringing them into successive movement, which in turn due to collisions of the movable elements and their action on the stretch of time is essential for at least 2.5-3 times, reduces the recoil force.

    Reduced recoil forces acting at a shot on the shooter will not only improve the accuracy in tracking mode continuous bursts of automatic fire, but at the same time reduce 2-3 times the mass of weapons, as well as use any type of small arms ammunition, from maloimpulsnogo automatic grenade launcher, to the powerful shots. While maintaining the accuracy of fire that led to rejection of the installation of such weapons to the complex and heavy machines and do simple and easy bipod.

    granatomet Baryshev argb
    When shooting a single

    Archery grenade ARGB conducted with the so-called rear sear, ie moving parts before firing automatics are in the rear position, and in an unlocked chamber cartridge is missing. This design is more typical for SMGs, machine guns and automatic guns.

    Grenade ARGB has stores supply system 30 mm grenade VOG-17, which positively affected the substantial improvement of its maneuverability.

    For conducting indirect fire grenade ARGB equipped with an optical sight with lateral level and protractor mechanism, detachable bipod and folding butt-opener.

    Downsizing Baryshev weapons design, among other things, reduced the payment with 2-3 people to one hand and boost its maneuverability.

    Caliber, mm 30
    Length (stock closed / decomposed, mm 700/950
    Barrel length, mm 300
    Weight empty, kg 15,3
    Capacity store,
    Count. cartridges
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 185
    rds / min 350

    grenade also fully revealed dignity delayed blowback system Baryshev allowing conduct sufficiently effective automatic fire a powerful shot from the volatile situation with the progress and standing with hips at a distance of 400-500 m


    indisputable advantages of the new system can be attributed to failure of the gas engine (gas piston, the gas chamber and exhaust ducts) that much easier, cheaper and influenced the design of weapons to improve its performance.

    When shooting ARGB recoil felt no more than the shooting of 40-mm grenade launcher GP-25 is installed on the machine. When shooting from one stable position (lying down with a bipod) a significant portion of the recoil effectively dampens shock absorber built into the stock, thus increasing the accuracy of hits.


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