Grenade Blindicide RL 83 / RL 100

    83 grenade blindicide rl / rl 100
    Blindicide RL 83

    In the early 1950s, on the arms of the Belgian Army was adopted grenade Blindicide, developed on the basis of American grenade M20A1 Super Bazooka.

    83 grenade blindicide rl / rl 100
    Blindicide RL 83
    When using the

    Issue Blindicide Belgian grenade has been launched in two variants: Blindicide RL 83 and Blindicide RL 100.


    between a grenade Blindicide RL 83 and Blindicide RL 100 differ only in the caliber used grenades and accordingly the dimensions and weight indicators.

    Blindicide RL 83 / RL 100 are designed to destroy enemy armored vehicles, destroying its fortifications and shelters, as well as to defeat unsheltered enemy forces.

    Grenade is a two-piece with smooth tubes, emerging during transport (stowed length RL 83 is 920 mm), which are placed on the trigger, front bipod-grip, pistol grip with a shooting device and sighting device.

    used for firing anti-tank, Frag, Frag cumulatively, lighting, smoke and incendiary grenades.

    83 grenade blindicide rl / rl 100
    Blindicide RL 100
    When using the When fired

    included a motor disposed in the garnet. Engine runs for a while, giving garnet acceleration and significantly increasing the effective firing range. Furthermore, part of the gases discharged under a certain angle of lateral holes, which makes the rotation of the grenade hitting and ensure the accuracy.

    To increase the stability when firing weapons are shoulder rest and an extra pistol grip - bipod, adjustable height.

    sighting device consists of three types of scopes - mechanical, optical (for firing at ranges of up to 400 m) and auxiliary (for rough aiming at group targets at ranges of up to 900).

    Eye protection designed steel needle plate with slots glazed plexiglass.

    disadvantages Blindicide RL 83 / RL 100 is a need to protect the shooter from powder gases and flames flying out grenades, as well as excessive weight and dimensions of weapons.

    Grenade Blindicide were adopted by the armies of Belgium, Switzerland, Mexico, Bangladesh.

    In the Belgian Army

    Blindicide RL 83 / RL 100 were in service until the late 1980s.

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    Blindicide RL 83 Blindicide RL 100
    Caliber, mm 83 101
    Length in firing position, mm 1700 1885
    Weight in firing position, kg 8,4 12,9
    grenades Weight, kg 2,4 2,75
    Muzzle velocity grenades, m / s 100 195
    rds / min 6 6
    Sighting range, m 400, 900
    400, 900


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