Grenade Carl-Gustaf M2 / M3

    grenade carl-gustaf m2 / m3
    Carl-Gustaf M2

    Swedish engineers began developing antitank weapons shoulder-fired in the early 1940s.

    Carl-Gustaf M2 Carl-Gustaf M3
    Caliber, mm 84
    Length mm 1130 1070
    Weight 14.0 8.5
    Penetration, mm 400 500 +
    rds / min 6
    Sighting range, m 1000
    Maximum range
    Fire, m
    (Illuminating grenade)

    Their first design was 20 mm anti-tank gun m/42, taken into service in 1942, built on the principle of recoilless anti-armor and shoot blanks. The effectiveness of such munitions against tanks by mid-World War II was minimal, and because in the mid 1940s, the Swedes moved on recoilless system, shoot caliber armor-piercing ammunition with a shaped-charge warhead.

    In 1948 the Swedish army was adopted singly charged dinamoreaktivny (recoilless) m/48 launcher caliber 84 mm, the full name of "Granatgevar 8.4 cm m/48 Carl-Gustaf".

    In the second half of the 1950s in enterprises FFV Ordnance began production grenade m/48 called Carl-Gustaf M2 (so named in honor of the King of Sweden).

    Grenade «Carl-Gustaf» designed primarily to destroy armored targets (direct fire), manpower and fire on the enemy positions, and create smoke screens and lighting areas.

    Soon he joined the Army Weapons UK, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Israel.

    grenade carl-gustaf m2 / m3
    Shots for grenade launcher Carl-Gustaf In subsequent decades

    launcher Carl-Gustaf M2 received in the world most widespread, thanks to simple design and a wide variety of ammunition.

    In addition to anti-

    cumulative grenades Carl-Gustaf in the world have developed high-explosive and shrapnel ammunition to fight the enemy infantry, incendiary, smoke grenades and lighting, special training modules piercing, etc.

    production of ammunition for grenade launcher Carl-Gustaf has been established not only in Sweden but also in Belgium and India.

    In the mid 1980s grenade Carl-Gustaf been more or less the only major modification - steel barrel was replaced by a much more lightweight composite, consisting of a thin-walled steel liner and outer shell made of fiberglass. And was adopted in Sweden under the symbol m/86, and in the world as the Carl-Gustaf M3.

    grenade carl-gustaf m2 / m3
    Carl-Gustaf M3

    Issue modernized version of the grenade launcher - Carl-Gustaf M3 has been launched by the Swedish firm Vofors.

    grenade carl-gustaf m2 / m3
    Carl-Gustaf M3
    With the loading

    Grenade Carl-Gustaf is a non-automatic weapon equipped with recoilless rocket-throwing system.

    For breech-loading

    nozzle swings around a longitudinal axis up and left, when not fully closed breech shot impossible.

    recoilless achieved through appropriate design of the sleeve and the opening (during firing) breech.

    trunk has a thin-walled steel threaded insert is a leading part of the barrel (in the version used RPG M2 steel barrel).

    Under the barrel of the pistol grip fixed two (front and back to hold - fire control), carrying handle (in the variant M2 absent), mechanical trigger mechanism with manual safety, shoulder rest and bipod-reliance.

    grenade carl-gustaf m2 / m3
    Carl-Gustaf M3
    When shooting

    breech nozzle steel, and most other elements of weapons made of aluminum or plastic.

    the right side of the trunk is the trigger of the mechanical type, producing a shot.

    left on the trunk is hinged open sight in the form of front and rear sights for aiming at distances from 50 to 900 m, and a bracket for mounting an optical sight (2X magnification for Carl-Gustaf M2 and 3X - for Carl-Gustaf M3) equipped with a laser rangefinder.

    Effective range antitank grenade cumulative - 700 m; high-explosive/fragmentation grenade - 1100 m


    grenade can shoot from a prone position, standing with knees or standing.

    used for firing shots unitary consisting of grenades and an aluminum sleeve. Liner in the back of a knock-out plastic bottom, providing first desired pressure forcing the shot, and then the expiry of powder gases from the barrel back through the nozzle for recoilless firing. Primer to ignite the powder charge is on the side surface of the liner at the bottom, to ensure alignment with the primer impact mechanism in the trunk on the lip liner has a special facet, allowing it to charge in the barrel in one position only.

    In order to increase the effective range for grenade Carl-Gustaf M3 were developed active-reactive shots with additional rocket booster grenades, included a shot at a distance of 10-30 meters from the shooter.

    grenade carl-gustaf m2 / m3
    Carl-Gustaf M3
    In the modernized version

    for firing rocket-propelled grenades (in versions M2 and MH) shots used cartridge loader with sleeve side ignition with shells: cumulative HEAT 751, with additional rocket drive and tandem warhead, armor penetration 500-600 mm; cumulative HEAT 551, with additional rocket drive, armor penetration of 400 mm high-explosive NOT 441V fuse with double acting shock and time; cumulatively fragmentation, armor penetration of 150 mm, HEDP 502 equipped with a fuse having two positions, immediate or delayed action ( this missile is designed to destroy armored targets and manpower of the enemy hiding behind armored or field fortifications); flue 4698 lighting 545 (diameter of the illuminated area - 400-500 m, while lighting - 30). Used as training shots TR 552 and 553V.


    payment grenade Carl-Gustaf model consists of two people - arrow and loader.

    84-millimeter grenade launcher Carl Gustaf have spread to dozens of countries thanks to simple design and uses a wide range of ammunition.

    Grenade Carl Gustaf were adopted by dozens of countries, such as Britain, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, India, Sweden and Israel, the U.S. and other countries.

    However, even in

    modification Carl-Gustaf M3 had a total weight of the system is much larger than that of its main competitor - the Soviet RPG-7. In addition, the loading breech significantly hampered the use grenade Carl-Gustaf one person.


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