Grenade CIS 40 AGL

    grenade cis 40 agl

    CIS 40 AGL
    Mounted on the machine
    grenade cis 40 agl
    CIS 40 AGL
    When using

    automatic grenade CIS 40 AGL designed by CIS - Chartered Industries of Singapore (later STK - Singapore Technologies Kinetics) as an alternative to the American grenade Mk19.

    Work on the new launcher began in early 1986 and in late 1989 the first models were introduced CIS 40 AGL.

    In 1991 began the first deliveries of the new grenade in the Singapore army.

    40 Grenade AGL is an automatic self-loading weapons, acting on the principle of recoil speed (using the so-called effect of the shutter release), shooting at the open gate. At the gate is spring biased ejector sleeves.

    grenade cis 40 agl
    CIS 40 AGL
    Mounted on truck battle

    trigger mechanism - striker type. Trigger actuated or mechanical key or, electric solenoid.

    liners are thrown together with links through a special window on the right side.

    from accidental firing weapons prevented adjustable fuse boxes which are located on both sides of the trigger at gunpoint. In the "weapon with the safety" fixed trigger.

    feed ammunition launcher AGL 40 occurs directly on the left side of the tape fed from containers mounted on the cradle or stand on the ground. Weapons used in the slide feeder, driven shutter profile slots. Movement of the tape comes in two cycles: the return and impact speed and the shot shall be sent directly to the chamber.

    When moving the bolt back finger feeder moves the tape to the right half of the diameter of the sleeve, with the receiver cover grips fit into grooves and hook the belt shot. When moving the bolt forward the tape is fed further to the right, a shot under pressure captures separated from the belt link and falls down on the line chambering. Shutter, moving forward in the next cycle, and captures the shot ejector shall be sent into the chamber. Drummer by the forces of inertia stabs capsule occurs shot, the cycle repeats again.

    grenade cis 40 agl
    Ammunition for CIS 40 AGL

    for firing a grenade launcher used 40x53-mm rounds for the grenade launcher with fragmentation (S412 and M384), shaped-charge fragmentation (S411 and M430), as well as educational netrassiruyuschimi (S416A and M385) and tracer (S415A) grenades.

    barrel of the weapon with the rifle equipped with a powerful channel slotted flash hider.

    Grenade AGL 40 is provided with iron sights, consisting of a frame of the sight on the camera trigger and folding front sight on the cover feeder. In addition, the cradle arms can install optical sights - both day (eg, collimator sight) and night.

    Caliber, mm 40
    Weight empty, kg 33
    Length mm 966
    Barrel length, mm 350
    grenade Muzzle velocity, m / s 241
    Effective range, m 1500
    Maximum range, m 2200
    rds / min 375

    Grenade consists of about 140 pieces. The modular design allows you to quickly disassemble weapons into four blocks: receiver with the barrel valve with return mechanism and butt pad, receiver cover (with the feeder), a trigger mechanism.

    Weapons set with an adapter on the machine MH (from heavy machine gun M2NV) for lightweight tripod machine or CIS in the cradle with shock absorber and shoulder rest. In addition, a grenade launcher can be mounted on ships and vehicles, such as armored vehicle inventories, where he is paired with a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun CIS 50 MG.

    CIS 40 AGL was adopted by the armies of Singapore and Indonesia.


    grenade was established in Singapore by CIS (in dalneshem STK) and under license in Indonesia the company PT Pindad.

    grenade cis 40 agl

    CIS 40 AGL
    Mounted on the military machine


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