Grenade CIS 40GL

    grenade cis 40gl
    CIS 40GL
    Caliber, mm 40
    Length mm 655
    Barrel length, mm 305
    Weight (with / without the butt), kg 2,35 / 1,95
    Initial velocity grenades, m / s 76
    Maximum firing range 400
    Single-shot grenade launcher

    CIS 40GL pistol was designed by Singaporean CIS («Chartered Industries Of Singapore») as a weapon fire support small units.


    grenade 40GL was established by CIS for Singapore Army weapons.

    CIS 40GL is a modular design consisting of four main elements: receiver, barrel rib and a shoulder rest or rifle adapter.

    This provides reliability and a grenade launcher at the same time ease of handling, as well as facilitating its industrial production.

    grenade cis 40gl

    Nomenclature ammunition for CIS 40GL

    From this universal grenade firing can either alone or securing it under the barrel of an assault rifle. If necessary, the stock is detached and attached grenade launcher for small arms having a standard unit for interfacing with the M203 grenade launcher American.

    granatomet cis 40gl
    CIS 40GL
    Mounted on the SAR 21 (left) and M16 (right)

    Grenade CIS 40GL can fire all types of standard 40-mm ammunition.

    For loading

    must press down the lever on the left side of the contactor housing, the barrel breech opens to the left and shot the bolt embedded. When closing the trunk is locked clips. The hammer is cocked manually.

    left on the pistol grip is a button fuse. In the closed position blocks the trigger.

    rib can be installed in both vertical and horizontal position and has a grading from 50 to 350 m

    grenade cis 40gl

    CIS 40GL
    With ammunition used


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