Grenade CNG-9 "Spear»

    grenade CNG-9 & # 171 ; spear »
    CNG-9 "Spear»

    Grenade CNG-9 "Spear" was adopted by the USSR Supreme Soviet in 1963.

    His appearance led effort to raise the effective range of fire antitank infantry units.

    Muzzle velocity grenades at departure - 435 m / s.

    After the shot

    jet engine propels the grenade up to 700 m / s. High speed provides better flat trajectory, reduces flight time grenades, which reduces the magnitude of corrections for crosswind and target movement.

    Penetration cumulative grenades shot PG-9B is 300 mm and the upgraded grenades shot PG-9VS - 400 mm.

    This is sufficient for the destruction of tanks of all types that do not have reactive armor, as well as any other armored vehicles.

    grenade CNG-lance 9 « »

    action and high reliability with a small caliber armor piercing grenades (only 73 mm) served as the basis for the development of 73-mm 2A28 gun "Thunder" and shot PG15V included in the set of weapons infantry fighting vehicle BMP-1.


    SPG-9 consists of four members: commander, gunner, loader and podnoschika. This calculation is capable of carrying grenade exploded (stowed) position for long distances, as well as move SPG-9 in firing position when changing firing positions.

    Maximum weight

    grenade (with night sight) reaches 57.6 kg. Defeat tanks and other armored targets and fire weapons in the buildings and shelters provided at ranges up to 1300 m

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    When shooting

    Fire tanks is most effective within point-blank range - 800 m in this range height trajectory grenades does not exceed 2 m, ie, the height of the tank.


    optical sight PGO-9 with 4.2-fold increase for high pointing accuracy grenade.

    To increase firing capabilities infantry units in combat manpower of the enemy later to SPG-9 was designed with the fragmentation grenade shot - OG-9V. Unlike PG-9B has not shot a new jet engine. Under the novelty itself has been modernized and a grenade launcher, which became known as the SPG-9M.

    grenade CNG-lance 9 « »
    When reloading For

    paratroops he completed removable wheel speed. This option is called LNG 9DM.

    - SPG-9 - the base with machine tripod and optical sight PGO-9.
    - LNG-9D - landing variant of the base machine modifications with wheel weight 15.9 kg.
    - LNG-9H - basic version, complete with night sight 1PN52.
    - SPG-9M (N) - a modernized version of the basic model having: sight PGOK-9, folding carrying handle, telescopic (sliding) foreleg machine-tripod.
    - LNG 9MD (H) - landing variant SPG-9M with wheel machine. Total weight - 64.5 kg.

    Caliber, mm 73
    weight barrel with a sight, kg 47,6
    weight tripod machine, kg 12
    weight wheeled machine, kg 15,9
    Length mm 2100
    Barrel length, mm 850
    Length of round, mm 670
    Rate of fire / min 5-6


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