Grenade DENEL PAW-20 / Neopup

    grenade denel paw-20 / neopup
    In a combat situation with a red-dot sight

    Grenade PAW-20 (Personal Assault Weapon - Personal Assault Weapon) was introduced in autumn 2006.

    grenade denel paw-20 / neopup
    With infrared night sight, laser designator
    And used shots

    PAW-20 grenade launcher developed South African company Gemaco Elbree Pty Ltd, and is offered through the largest South African arms concern DENEL.

    PAW-20 is a 20-mm self-loading hand grenade magazine, its main purpose - to serve as a weapon infantry support in the link department - Platoon.

    main objectives for PAW-20 grenade launcher - the enemy infantry (as in open areas, and light shelters), unarmored combat equipment, cars, planes and helicopters in the parking lot, light structure.

    PAW-20 uses a specially designed nizkoimpulsnye 20-millimeter ammunition 20h42 mm dimension that can fire with hand or machine without bipod required for other types of weapons of this caliber. Muzzle velocity is 305 meters per second, effective range - one kilometer.

    grenade denel paw-20 / neopup
    fragmentation incendiary ammunition for PAW-20
    (High Explosive Incendiary)

    Ammunition for PAW-20 are developed on the basis of shells from 20-mm automatic guns, fit in truncated cylindrical sleeve length 42 mm. Warhead weight of the shot - 105 grams, the initial velocity of 300 meters per second.

    main types of ammunition - high-explosive and incendiary fragmentation, as well as training with inert warhead.

    Also when designing

    grenade was planned to use this weapon, and other types of munitions, including with non-lethal equipment to "police" operations.

    Ammunition for PAW-20 grenade launcher was developed by PMP - a division of DENEL.

    PAW-20 grenade launcher uses automation to removal of powder gases and rigid rotating bolt barrel locking.

    grenade denel paw-20 / neopup
    Shop disconnected

    To reduce peak recoil effect on the shooter, shooting the entire unit (barrel and the receiver with bolt group) can fall back inside the housing arms, clutching a special buffer. Recoil length - about 75 mm.

    Food made from detachable box magazine with a capacity of 7 shots.

    layout is unusual weapon - pistol grip fire control taken out to the right of the axis of weapons and is located close to the receiver store that provides the optimal direction of the recoil - for receiver box in the butt of his rifle.

    < td> Effective range, m
    Caliber, mm 20
    Weight without sight and shop kg 5.9
    Length in firing position, mm 845
    Length, stowed, mm 785
    Barrel length mm 355
    grenade Muzzle velocity, m / s 300
    Capacity count. Garnet 7

    ejection of spent cartridges carried forward and to the left, almost directly facing arrow.

    mode fire from a grenade launcher - only single shots.

    nominal (integral) sights PAW-20 has not - instead, on the upper surface of the arms has two guide type Picatinny rail, allowing the installation "side by side" optical or night sight and laser sight-designator. For close combat PAW-20 is proposed to use a red-dot sight (sight of "red dot", no optical zoom), for firing at a distance of more than 100-150 meters is required scopes with constant or variable magnification.

    For weapons

    20-millimeter caliber PAW-20 is compact. Weight rifle is 5.9 kilograms, length - 845 millimeters. In the stowed position rifle length reduced to 785 millimeters by convertible recoil damper.


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