Grenade JAG-40 "Iskra»

    JAG-40 grenade launcher « spark & # 187;

    JAG-40 "Iskra»
    grenade-40 laser spark « »

    In 1966, a young engineer Tula Central Design Bureau of Sporting and Hunting Arms B. Rebrikov to increase the efficiency of firing AKM designed the first Soviet underbarrel grenade muzzle-loading mortars-TKB-048.

    In April 1967 began the development of "firing device and shot with high-cumulative grenade to 7.62 mm. to modernized Kalashnikov", received code "Iskra".

    Within three years, continued testing of grenade launcher design Rebrikova TKB-048 and its modifications TKB-048M (executed by injection). It was a muzzle-loading rifles firing device with a barrel length of 140 mm, allows to deliver fire plunging fire at a range of 50 to 400 m, ie, the maximum throw a hand grenade to a minimum effective range of the mortar.

    grenade-40 laser spark « »

    Designer of the same bureau K. Demidov created under it fragmentation grenade cumulative TKB-047 (RCC-40).

    Soon other

    Tula gunsmith B. Teles began designing for the grenade launcher "Iskra" sound silencer shot TKB-069 under the symbol "Torch".

    grenade launcher mounted under the barrel AKM / AKMS on the node mounting a bayonet-knife. For firing angle fire at a range of 60 - 80 m elevation angles of 80-85 degrees grenade had a special crane device that reduces the initial velocity grenades to 55 m / s.

    Another feature of "Iskra" was that the muzzle of the grenade launcher and machine are at the same level, thus allowing to monitor the status of weapons firing embrasures and not interfere with firing nadkalibernymi ammunition.

    JAG-40 grenade launcher « spark & # 187;

    grenade launcher "Iskra»
    Mounted on AKM
    Caliber, mm 43
    Barrel length, mm 140
    Weight without firing a shot, kg 1.15
    Sighting range, m 50 - 400

    "Spark" in addition to regular grenades allowed RCC-40 shooting and grenade warhead PG-7 (RPG-7). However grenade "Spark" and fragmentation grenade cumulative RCF-40 did not survive the field tests, and their refinement was considered inappropriate. Numerous claims made in the tests is the difficulty of aiming "Sparks", a sudden change in the battle machine with the attached grenade launcher, a large complex recoil when fired from a grenade launcher in 5 times the energy of recoil when firing regular bullets from AKM. So strong recoil leads to the impossibility of fire from a grenade launcher with a focus rifle butt in the shoulder.

    grenade-40 laser spark « »
    Grenades for grenade "Iskra»

    Due to some errors in the structure during firing a grenade launcher at a part of garnet observed violation of the flight. They fell to the ground sideways or backwards, that triggers the detonator not from percussion, and from self-destructing, thus reducing the efficiency fragmentation munition on target.

    In addition, experts were not satisfied with the new armor and grenades. Test results showed that the laser-40 grenades at shooting on 30 mm armor plate at an angle of 45 degrees to the normal 33-57% provide only penetrations.


    work on "Spark" in early 1971 finally stopped, but the idea of creating an effective means melee, which has proven itself grenade launcher, was not forgotten.

    JAG-40 grenade launcher « spark & # 187;

    JAG-40 "Iskra»
    Partial disassembly


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