Grenade launcher AGS-17 "Flame»

    grenade launcher AGS-17 & # 171 ; flame »
    AGS-17 "Flame»
    The machine

    automatic mounted grenade launchers AGS-17 "Flame" is designed KBTM them. Nudelman, and its release has been adjusted at Vyatskie Polyansky Machine Building Plant "Hammer».

    It is designed to engage manpower and fire weapons outside shelters and natural terrain (ravines, hollows, reverse slopes of heights), etc. In the Russian Army AGS-17 is used not only from the machine.


    aviation (helicopter), electric version, which differs from the more infantry and a massive aluminum muzzle for more efficient cooling of the barrel under intense fire. With the same muzzle AGS-17 is installed in the tower mounted on armored, but with a conventional mechanical descender. AGS-17 is used in a remote-controlled settings used to create fortified. Recently, a number of promising domestic samples of armor, where AGS-17 is mounted on the tower.

    During the fighting in Afghanistan often Archiv welded armor BTR or BMP, significantly increasing the firepower of the technology that allows us to "get" the enemy in conditions where standard weapons are ineffective. Especially rescued a makeshift in the mountains.

    grenade launcher AGS-17 flame « »
    Grenade launcher AGS-17

    In fact, mounted grenade launchers AGS-17 "Flame" is a miniature artillery shells and served a crew of two people, one of which directly controls the fire, while the second brings ammunition, helps transport launcher and move it to the battlefield by changing the firing position etc.

    for firing a grenade launcher used 30mm VOG-17 and VOG-17M-30 and VOG. Shot is a unitary cartridge consisting of grenades and shells fuse with the primer and powder charge.

    Food grenade ammunition when firing is carried out on the metal strip 29 rounds loaded in the box, which is mounted in firing position on the right side grenade.

    trigger can fire as single shots and bursts. Shooting from a grenade launcher can be conducted as-trajectory and hinged trajectories. Experience combat exploitation AGS-17 showed that the most effective is shooting in short bursts of 3-5 shots. In this case, an experienced thrower able to adjust fire to undermine the first grenades and reliably hit the target, spending a minimum amount of ammunition. Maximum range of 1,700 m

    grenade launcher AGS-17 (automatic grenade launcher) mounted on the tripod machine SAG-17 (machine automatic grenade launcher). For shooting a mechanical sight, rear sight and consisting of flies, mounted on top of the receiver, or prismatic optical sight PAG-17 (automatic grenade launcher sight). The iron sight is used for direct fire at ranges up to 700 m Optical sight is a universal sighting device and provides guidance with a grenade launcher and direct fire from concealed positions. With the known size of the target using the sight can determine the distance to the target.

    Job Automation grenade based on the principle of energy free blow back. When fired, the powder gases under pressure at the bottom of the liner and throw the bolt to its rearmost position. Thus there is a compression return springs, feeding the next cartridge chambering on the line to the input window and reflection grenade fired cartridge.


    reel shutter occurs chambering shot into the chamber and the hammer cocked.

    the time of the arrival gate in the forward position, the uncoupling of the impactor with the shutter. Drummer, moving backward by the mainspring, the striker hits the lever, and the firing pin prick the primer of the cartridge. Occurs shot.

    grenade launcher AGS-17 flame « »
    Main parts and mechanisms

    Standard tape is composed of three separate pieces of 10 rounds each. Pieces of the tape are connected to each other by means of shots, and stacked in a box. The first link is blank, as happens when loading a grenade belt promotion on one link and the first shot, be sent to the chamber is a grenade from the second level of the tape. Equipment ribbons can be done manually or by machine snaryazhatelnoy. In the field snaryazhatelnuyu machine can be attached to the packing box. If necessary, the machine can be used for tape demilitarization.

    feed mechanism shot, located under the lid of the receiver is driven gate on the upper plane which has a groove, causing the feed lever to move.

    grenade launcher AGS-17 consists of the following parts and tools: a receiver trigger mechanism, the box with the barrel, bolt, reloading mechanism, the return springs.

    grenade launcher AGS-17 flame « »
    Clearly visible controls In the box are placed

    basic grenade parts and components. In front of the box (tube) is inserted into the barrel with 16 right rifling. On grenade launchers, issued prior to the 90s to improve the cooling of the barrel was equipped with a relatively thin-walled aluminum muzzle (other than aircraft variants). Then it refused, and the heatsink is a series of circular nodules on the trunk, located closer to the breech.

    the rear of the box on two axis and the axis is fixed backplate. On the lower half-axes fixed handles pointing a grenade launcher at the target and hold it while shooting. In the stowed position, the knobs are added. On the outer side of the fore-end is trigger the shutter. Before left arm is translator fire mode having two positions - "AUTO." (Automatic fire) and "money laundering." (Single light).

    the left and right cheeks from the inside of the box, there are two guides, which moves the gate: there are riveted two copier - left and right, which interacts with levers transmit motion snizhatelyu (aka rammer), located on the gate, which provides supply tape cartridges into the chamber of the barrel.

    For fixing

    grenade at the machine on the box are two flanges and bracket at the rear bottom of the box. Right bracket riveted to the box with a latch for securing the cartridge box. On the left side of the box has a bracket for mounting the optical sight.

    sight is equipped with two filters - neutral for easier sighting in bright sunny weather and orange to enhance the image contrast in cloudy weather. Range of angles of sight is in the form of impact marks (polygons) and touches to the distance of 700 m and 100 m digitized through the numbers 1 through 7. Price division between the sighting marks 100 m and between sighting marks and strokes - 50 meters left and right of the central sighting mark is a scale lateral amendments.

    The main body

    optical sight mounted longitudinal and transverse levels to impart a predetermined elevation grenade and grenade launcher leveling. Fitted with a front sight and sight entirely used for coarse launcher sight on the target. Scale grid sight in the dark can be backlit. It uses a special cartridge that is attached to the body of the sight. The batteries are placed in a case, is fixed on the machine.

    On top of the massive plane shutter has a curved groove, which includes the lever feed comb actuation mechanism reflection sleeves and a hook to connect with the shutter mechanism recharge. In the body of the shutter has three longitudinal blind hole. Two bottom intended to accommodate return springs. Third hole acts as a hydraulic brake cylinder, which absorbs excess energy and slows down the shutter retraces his parish at the forward position.

    In front of the gate is moved in the vertical grooves snizhatel that when the shutter reel retrieves shot of care, and reduces it shall be sent into the chamber.

    On the left side of the gate there are two nests, in front of the striker lever is located on the axis, which serves to transfer energy striker firing pin, and in the back - on retainer uncoupler intended for cocking the hammer and its separation from the gate on the arrival of the latter in the front position.

    trigger mechanism is located on the left side of the box and fixed axis receiver. Mechanism through the release bar (rod) is connected to the trigger.

    reloading mechanism located under the lid of the box and is designed for loading and reloading grenade. For loading must pull back the cocking handle until it stops, which is connected with a rope cocking hook, and let it go.

    for firing a grenade launcher mounted on the machine SAG-17, consisting of two main parts - the upper machine and lower machine.

    On the left side of the lower backbone machine has a bracket for mounting box with batteries sight illumination system.

    grenade launcher AGS-17 flame « »
    Yugoslav production

    Upper machine is connected to the bottom through the swivel and slide. Machine located on the top of the cradle top and bottom. Upper cradle, which is set to pin grenade, can rotate in a vertical plane on the axis connecting the top and bottom of the cradle. Tab on the top of the cradle, the cradle is used for connection with an earring grenade. Lower cradle serves to provide lateral guidance grenade launchers, as well as for vertical guidance mechanism and clamping sector vertical guidance.

    Before loading, parts and mechanisms grenade occupy the following positions: bolt - in its most forward position, the hammer is on the sear, sear locked fuse receiver closed clip reloading mechanism is connected to the gate and the hook is in the forward position.


    loading grenade should: move the slide the handle to the full and release handle. In abduction arm moves back yoke back gate, compressing the return springs. Feed lever interacts with a cam groove gate feeds the first cartridge to the input window boxes.

    After releasing the bolt handle by springs moving forward. At the same levers, cams interacting with boxes, raised and then lowered snizhatel. Snizhatel captures first cartridge in the bottom of the liner, remove it from the link, and reduces it shall be sent to the chamber. Feed lever at this time makes idling.

    Caliber, mm 30x29B
    Length mm 840
    Barrel length, mm 305
    Weight without Tape, kg 18
    weight with tape on the machine, kg 44,5
    curb weight belt, kg 14,5
    Initial velocity grenades, m \ with 185
    rds \ min 350 - 400
    Minimum range
    Mounted shooting, m
    Maximum height of trajectory, m 905
    Sighting range, m 1700
    capacity tape count. Garnet 29

    When moving the bolt forward disconnector catches the hammer and cocks it, compressing the spring drummer. At arrival gate to the front position left copier disunited drummer with the shutter, and then drummer, moving backward by the mainspring, will be on the sear.

    For a shot to be translated fuse to "fire" and press the trigger.

    Pressing the trigger-release strap will move forward and acting on the box, turn the sear trigger mechanism. Sear disengages from the hammer cocked. Drummer, moving backward by the mainspring, hit front tooth on the lever of the striker. Striker lever rotates on its axis and its second arm hit the firing pin, which nakolet capsule. Shot happen.

    Simultaneously with the beginning of motion grenades along the bore begins pullback speed, compression return springs, turn feed lever. Feeder feeds the cartridge to the input window boxes. In early rollback hydraulic brake rod moves together with the shutter. Once the flange abuts the backplate shaft, hydraulic brake comes into operation. Naphtha, which is in hydraulic brake cylinder is displaced from the front to the rear of the cylinder. Inhibition occurs shutter.

    When moving the bolt back snizhatel under the action of the levers up and frees the upper edge of the lip liner. Simultaneously sleeve abuts the front bevel fixed at this point of the reflector, the lower edge of the cap, with a cohesive combat ejector plate continues to move backward; going slope of the liner. Upon further movement of the shutter ridge raises his arm back reflector and turn it off. Front Shoulder reflector hits the inclined sleeve and throws it out of the box. After reflection and closure liner supply cartridge tape remaining energy shutter absorb and hydraulic brake return springs.

    When the shutter

    reel under the action of the return springs, shutter captures snizhatelem another shot, remove it from management, and reduces it shall be sent to the chamber. Feed lever makes idling. At the end of idling feeder comes for the next shot. First hydraulic brake rod moves together with the bolt, and then stopped by stops arranged on the box. Occurs shot.


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