Grenade launcher complex DP-65

    grenade launcher dp-65

    At the turn of the 1990s, the state scientific-production enterprise "Basalt", was created by a new generation of anti-sabotage grenade launchers.

    In particular, based on the seven-MRG-1 grenade launcher was developed and adopted by the Navy Russia compact remotely controlled grenade launcher DP-65.

    DP-65 is designed to protect ships from attack combat divers on external raids, open anchorage and paragraphs based on hydraulic structures, offshore platforms and other important marine and coastal facilities.

    The complex includes a DP-65 55-mm grenade launcher to start desyatistvolny rocket-propelled grenades, remote control, power supply, mechanisms of vertical and horizontal guidance with a set of end fittings.

    Unlike MRG-1 DP-65 grenade launcher is equipped with mechanisms for vertical and horizontal guidance, so that it can be induced on the target from the control panel remotely from a distance up to 100 m with control panel also carried out and shooting: alternately from each of the 10 ti-trunks or gulp. And the remote control allows you to control four alternately grenade launchers.

    Guidance and complex management of shooting is done remotely or manually. In manual mode launch grenades carried out the independent power supply. Remote control and power supply allow simultaneous connection of one to four rocket-propelled grenades.

    The complex is equipped with a locking safety devices charged and discharged grenade and shooting blocking chains in areas forbidden for shooting.

    Target detection is performed standpipe sonar. Sonar "Anapa-ME" when used in conjunction with the DP-65 provides automatic detection of underwater targets, its classification and tracking with constant guidance to the point of shooting a grenade launcher.

    Caliber, mm 55
    Weight 132
    Dimensions, mm 970h780h1820
    Number of barrels, pc 10
    Range of fire
    - Minimum
    - Maximum


    firing a grenade launcher being reactive 55-mm high-explosive grenades RG-55M, which resemble miniature depth charges, and consist of a jet engine with an annular stabilizer and combat unit with fuse. The front part of the fuse is in the shape of a truncated hemisphere, thereby avoiding grenades bounce when they hit the water. Fuse, which operates at any angle of approach to water grenades, has several settings depth blasting manually installed special key before loading grenades in the trunk.

    -explosive grenade strikes effectively combat swimmer within 16 m over the entire range of depths, where it is possible to find. Especially effective for shooting a volley in advance of the detected target. In this case the affected area is increased tenfold.

    Upon cancellation sonar detected to indicate the location of saboteurs can be used reactive signal grenade GDS-55 included in ammunition complex DP-65. According to its weight and size, and it is similar to the firing range of the RG-55M. In contrast, the head part of the signal contains a grenade fuse momentary igniter-lifting charge and pyrotechnic torch. Running

    jet engine grenades carried by electric igniter through contact on the ring bus regulator.

    grenade launcher dp-65

    Compact remote controlled grenade launcher DP-65 can be operated in cold-temperate and tropical climates.

    With dimensions 970, 780 and 1820 mm in length, width and height respectively grenade weight does not exceed 132 kg, the mass of the controls - 30 kg, the mass of the power supply - 46 kg. Grenade Launcher can be induced on the target in the vertical (from -33 to +48 °) and horizontal (+165 °) planes at a rate not less than 10 ° and 15 ° respectively. Maximum firing range is 500 m, with a minimum height bezrikoshetnoy grenade over water 1.5 m - 50 m Power consumption AC 220 V, 50 Hz 0.5-1 kW.

    In comparison with similar complex DP-65 has a more optimal performance on the firing range from 50 to 500 m This small weight and size make it possible to clean it in the storeroom in the marine campaign and use the DP-65 docked ship in a dangerous place .

    However, along with high combat qualities of the DP-65 has one major drawback, which is most evident on the ships and vessels of small displacement. The drawback is the presence at public muzzle grenade launcher in a radius of 30 m danger zone formed as a result of jet engines grenades. In this zone, it is impossible to find people, devices and assemblies and mechanisms responsible must be protected with heat-resistant covers. Run these restrictions is not always possible, resulting in a range of angles of fire grenade sharply reduced.

    production of small remotely controlled grenade launcher DP-65 was established at the Russian plant named after V. Degtyarev.


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