Grenade Launcher M136 / AT4

    launcher m136 / at4
    M136 / AT-4
    On the night sight on a special quick-release bracket
    granatomet m136 / at4
    M136 / AT4

    M136 Grenade Launcher / AT-4 is designed to combat enemy armored targets, destruction of shelters and strong points of enemy defenses.

    antitank grenade disposable AT4 is a joint development of the Swedish company SAAB Bofors Dynamics and American corporations ATK.


    AT4 is a development of the U.S. disposable rocket launcher M72 LAW, but it is based on principles and, in part, ammunition, used in Sweden for recoilless grenade launcher Carl Gustaf.

    Grenade AT4 was adopted in the U.S. under the designation M136 LAW, as well as in Sweden and even some countries. In addition, the development of advanced options held AT4.

    granatomet m136 / at4
    for M136 grenade / AT4
    In flight

    Grenade consists of the launch tube and pistol grip with a trigger. In the stowed position launcher tube closed with rubber (plastic) lids.

    trigger mechanical, involves the need for manual cocking before firing, with the possibility of removal from combat platoon or posing on a manual safety cocked.

    Caliber, mm 84
    Weight 6.7
    Length mm 1020
    length grenades mm 460
    grenades Weight, kg 1.8
    Effective range, m 300
    Maximum firing range 2100

    sight mechanical, frame type. Sights folding stowed close sliding lids and include a diopter rear sight and front sight. The sight is mounted at a distance of 200 meters. In the U.S., developed special brackets to quickly install the housing AT4 / M316 optical or night sights.

    M136 Grenade Launcher / AT4 is a disposable recoilless type starter with unthreaded barrel.

    equips trunks in the factory, after firing an empty barrel ejected.

    granatomet m136 / at4
    When shooting

    main type of equipment is 84 mm Internal cylindrical antitank grenade cumulative, in the rear which is foldable stabilizer and tracer.

    In the trunk behind the grenade is expelling the powder charge, the front and rear sides of the trunk closed with plastic caps, bouncer at the moment of firing.

    When shooting from behind the normal variation AT4 arrow image of the danger zone deeper than 20 meters. For firing the indoor version is designed AT4-CS, in which behind lifting charge in the barrel located protivomassa - a small amount of antifreeze fluid in a non-combustible container ruptured. At the time of the shot AT4-CS liquid part is ejected from the barrel back in the form of spray, partly evaporate, significantly reducing exhaust propellant gases.

    granatomet m136 / at4
    When firing from the room

    used for shooting caliber armor-piercing grenades and cumulative effects. Used for firing a grenade with aluminum The bar instead warhead.

    In addition to the basic variant

    equipment with a cumulative HEAT antitank grenade was developed and launched production options with AT4 warhead type HEDP - HE-armor-piercing action.

    All options

    84 mm warhead for AT4 are analogues of BCH for 84 mm grenade launcher Carl Gustaf.


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