Grenade launcher Mk.19 / Mark 19

    grenade mk.19 / mark 19
    Mark 19
    In a modification Mk.19 mod.3
    grenade mk.19 / mark 19
    Mounted on a boat

    American grenade launcher Mk.19 - Mark 19 is designed to defeat enemy personnel located in the open countryside, as well as shelters in the lungs, not armored and light armored vehicles.


    launcher was developed for use maritime patrol forces during the Vietnam War. Later, after several modifications, was delivered to the army, air force and marines.

    U.S. Navy initiated the development of an automatic grenade launcher Mark 19 (Mk.19) in 1966, based on the positive experience of using a 40-mm (40h46) Mark 18 grenade launcher, developed by Honeywell in 1962. Mark 18 grenade had significant drawbacks - a small range of fire due to the use of low-speed shots from hand grenade M79, as well as hand-drive mechanisms.

    grenade mk.19 / mark 19
    Mk.19 mod.0

    U.S. Navy Weapons Laboratory (US Naval Ordnance Station Louisville) just 7 months created a new model of automatic grenade launcher under the more powerful ammo 40x53 mm, designed for helicopter M75 grenade launcher.


    first prototype took to the Mk.19 test the summer of 1967 and the summer of 1968 the first serial grenade Mk.19 mod.0 began installing on river boats the U.S. Navy to operate in Vietnam.

    Already in 1971 there was the first modification of the new grenade launcher, Mk.19 mod.1.

    grenade mk.19 / mark 19
    Mk.19 mod.1

    Both these modifications have been used successfully in Vietnam.

    grenade mk.19 / mark 19
    Mk.19 mod.2
    , Electric

    In 1974, work began on the development of a lightweight version Mk.19 mod.2, but bring it to the final version did not succeed, and in 1976 began work on a version already Mk.19 mod.3.

    Mk.19 mod.3 is a much improved version, in which about half redone parts of the original sample.

    Option Mk.19 mod.3 was adopted for all the armed forces in the United States in 1981, and the contract for its mass production company was issued Saco Defence (now General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products - GDATP).

    grenade mk.19 / mark 19
    Mk.19 mod.3

    principle of automatic grenade launcher Mk.19 mod.3 based on the impact of a massive free shutter. The trigger mechanism striker type. Shot occurs when an unlocked gate. This solution allows to improve the cooling chamber and the gate and easily if necessary to establish the mechanism fixed firing bursts.

    grenade mk.19 / mark 19
    Mk.19 mod.3
    When shooting When firing the shutter

    by your weight and accumulated kinetic energy imparted to the spring force holds the sleeve in the chamber at the time required for departure grenades from the bore. Then powder gas pressure overcomes the resistance of the gate, and he goes back, compressing the return spring. Cartridge cases kept tabs on the side mirror shutter. Shutter its skeleton drives the feeder arm that pushes down the receiver of the next shot. Cartridge cases shifted down the mirror shutter new shot and thrown out. Shutter comes to its rearmost position, where it can be stopped for cocking raised spout whispered. If the trigger is pulled, the bolt together with the shot starts to move forward, shall be sent a shot into the chamber, where a floating capsule prick drummer. The cycle is repeated again.

    grenade mk.19 / mark 19
    Mk.19 mod.3
    With the loading

    Stock is made from the special loose belt with a metal link. Ribbons are available in boxes of cartridge capacity of 32 or 48 rounds, which are attached to the body of the grenade launcher. Wet cartridge box with 32 bullets weighs 19 pounds.

    Grenade admits firing single shots and bursts. Controls include dual operating handle in the rear of the receiver, from the shutter release button between them. Cocking handle located on both sides of the arms.

    grenade launcher mounted on infantry machine-M3 tripod or a different pivot or turrets on military equipment.

    is possible to install electric trigger for remote fire control.

    open sights mechanical or optical single increase. Can be mounted optical sight with integrated laser rangefinder, as well as night vision.

    On the barrel is a compensator, which reduces recoil and serves as a flame arrester.

    Unlike grenade samples, Mk.19 grenade used increased energy shot with high-velocity grenades. Staff is multi-purpose ammunition (High Explosive / cumulative) shot M430 HEDP with universal piercing fragmentation grenade. Penetration M430 grenade up to 50 mm of steel armor, radius of continuous defeat ready fragmentation elements - 5 meters. Also used M383 or M384 fragmentation, practical or M385 M385E4 shots.

    During the period from 1981 to 2000 in the United States produced more than 25,000 grenade Mk.19 mod.3.

    Issue licenses Mk.19 grenade has been launched in South Korea and delivered into service in other countries.

    Caliber, mm 40x53
    Length mm 1095
    grenade Weight, kg 35.3
    machine weight-M3 tripod, kg 20
    lightweight machine Weight, kg 9.1
    rds / min 300-400
    Effective range, m 1500
    Maximum firing range 2200
    grenade mk.19 / mark 19

    Mk.19 mod.3
    When shooting


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