Grenade launcher Mk.47 / Mark 47 / Striker 40

    grenade mk.47 / mark 47 / striker 40 ' title =
    Mk.47 mod.0
    grenade mk.47 / mark 47 / striker 40
    Mk.47 mod.0
    The machine-tripod Development of a new

    40 mm grenade launcher designed to replace the U.S. military armed time-tested, but quite heavy launcher Mk.19 Mod.3, was launched by the American company Saco Defense (now a division of Armament and Technical Products Group General Dynamics) more at the end of the 1980s.

    main task was to design relief and increasing the combat effectiveness of weapons through the use of computerized sighting systems.

    first experimental samples grenade, get branded designation Striker 40 appeared by 1995, the same year the U.S. Defense Department formally approved the establishment of the development team, consisting of companies Saco Defense (responsible for the development of the grenade launcher and integration of the entire system) and Raytheon (computerized sight ). Later joined the development team and the Norwegian company as a developer NAMMO 40 mm ammunition with remote detonation in the air.

    grenade mk.47 / mark 47 / striker 40
    Mk.47 mod.0
    When shooting In 2003

    Forces Special Operations Command United States (US SOCOM) formally adopted an grenade launcher Striker 40 under the designation Mk.47 mod.0 Advanced Lightweight Grenade Launcher (ALGL).

    In 2006

    complex Mk.47 mod.0 tested U.S. Marine Corps.

    Automatic grenade launcher Mk.47 mod.0 is a weapon, built on the basis of automation with a short recoil when it is hard locked.

    Shooting from closed bolt to increase the likelihood of hitting the target first shot.

    Caliber, mm 40
    Length mm 940
    Weight 18.0
    Weight with tripod and aiming system, kg 41.0
    rds / min 225-300
    Effective range, m 1500
    Maximum range, m 2200

    Food weapons - a tape from a standard tape loose.

    Weapon nominally set to lightweight machine-tripod Mk.108, which includes pickup and lock mechanisms, allowing zeroing after rigidly fix guns for shooting at a given point.

    fire control by means of two arms located to the rear of the receiver, and disposed between the L-shaped release button.

    key element of the complex is 40 Striker sighting system AN/PWG-1 development company Raytheon, which includes daily channel with 3X zoom and display images on a built-in display, a laser rangefinder and ballistic computer.

    grenade mk.47 / mark 47 / striker 40
    Mk.47 mod.0
    Controls fire

    Besides, the sight has an interface for connecting to a night sight, operating in the infrared range, with image night channel on the same display. Manage Scope Using the buttons and 4-way mini joystick located in the rear of the arms above the trigger button.

    Application computerized sight greatly improves accuracy (especially at medium and long range) as well as significantly reduces the consumption of ammunition compared with systems that do not have similar sighting systems.

    grenade launcher Mk.47 mod.0 permits the use of all types of 40 mm "high-speed" (40x53) NATO standard grenade fuses with shock, and in the future and new 40 mm grenades and programmable remote detonation when a shot blaster.


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