Grenade Launcher Pistol "Woodpecker" / product "D»

    grenade-gun « woodpecker & # 187; / d product « »
    Grenade Launcher Pistol "Woodpecker" / product "D»
    In position for firing a grenade
    With the establishment of an adjustable bipod and grenade launcher sight

    In the 1960s, Soviet designers have developed a unique weapon for special forces weapons - grenade launcher / gun "Woodpecker" (product "D"). To ensure the application of stealth weapon was made noiseless and flameless.

    Silent Shooting Complex "Woodpecker" (product "D") is designed to defeat manpower, ground facilities and light armored vehicles of the enemy, including the headquarters and command centers, radar installations, communication centers, warehouses, fuel and ammunition, attack aircraft based at airfields , tactical missiles (medium range) with nuclear warheads on board.

    grenade-gun « » woodpecker / product & # 171; d »
    9mm special noiseless cartridge PFAM "Phalanx"
    With armor-piercing bullet

    heart of the system "Product D" are special ammunition caliber 9mm, ensuring quiet and flameless firing of weapons by the cutoff of powder gases movable piston-pusher inside massive steel sleeve (sleeve length is 93 mm, weight cartridge - 130-150 grams) .

    cartridges are available in two types - a cartridge PFAM "Phalanx" with armor-piercing bullet (bullet caliber 9 mm bullet weight 28 grams, the initial velocity of about 260 m / s) and expelling (empty) cartridge PMAM "mouthpiece", providing ejection of grenades nadulnoy packing weapons.

    to engage manpower, including light armored located behind a barrier in the product "D" used special 9-mm cartridges PFAM "Phalanx" with armor-piercing bullet.

    grenade-gun « » woodpecker / product & # 171; d »
    30mm grenade BMYA 31 "Lizard" (above)
    9mm cartridge expelling PMAM "mouthpiece" (below) If necessary

    hit unarmored or lightly armored vehicles and objects used explosive or incendiary grenades BMYA-31 30 mm caliber.

    30mm grenade BMYA-31 (Combat mine "Lizard") has a mass of about 130 grams of grenades, equipment - explosive or incendiary composition, the initial velocity using chuck grenades PMAM is about 110 m / s. His grenade propellant charge has not, but its tail part has a stem which cooperates with the shot-pusher movable piston expelling the cartridge. Besides combat grenades were also issued with an inert training grenades filled.

    9 mm bullet cartridge PFAM stated penetration of 5 mm steel at a range of 100 meters, for grenades BMYA-31 - up to 10 mm steel for reliable ignition of fuel barrier.

    grenade-gun « woodpecker & , # 187; / d product « »
    Grenade Launcher Pistol "Woodpecker" / product "D»
    Without the choke tube, holster-stock and bipod

    silent rifle range "Woodpecker" (product "D") is a massive single-shot pistol with a manually operated using the rotary bolt.

    Caliber, mm
    - Insert
    - Pomegranate

    length without cap and butt, mm About 400
    - Gun
    - Pistol butt cap, bipod

    Muzzle velocity, m / s
    - Bullet
    - Grenades

    Effective range, m
    - Bullet
    - Grenades


    Cartridges invested into the receiver one.

    for firing grenades at the barrel of a gun set nadulnaya nozzle with an internal caliber of 30 mm.

    top of the receiver is made adjustable open sights for shooting a bullet and firing a grenade on the left side of the weapon set additional sight.

    To ensure accurate shooting from a very heavy weapons product "D" comes with detachable holster-butt and removable height-adjustable bipod.

    Grenade Launcher Pistol "Woodpecker" / product "D" for a long time was in service units the Army Special Forces and special units to combat terrorism, the Russian FSB, although his replacement were released improved complex "product DM" and silent-automatic grenade launcher "Silence" and "Canary".

    grenade-gun « woodpecker & , # 187; / d product « »
    Grenade Launcher Pistol "Woodpecker" / product "D»
    Complete with muzzle and holster-butt


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