Grenade launcher QLB-06 / QLZ-87B

    grenade qlb-06 / qlz-87b
    QLB-06 / QLZ-87B

    Semi launcher QLB-06 / QLZ-87B is a further development of the Chinese automatic grenade launcher QLZ-87.

    main purpose grenade launcher QLB-06 / QLZ-87B - the implementation of the direct support of the infantry platoon in a link / company.

    Double designation (QLB-06 / QLZ-87B) used because the sample is in "internal" Chinese sources has QLB-06 index, and export brochures distributed at international exhibitions - index QLZ-87B.

    Caliber, mm 35x32 SR
    Length mm 1046
    Weight without
    Ammunition, kg
    Count. Garnet
    4, 6
    Muzzle velocity
    Grenades, m \ c
    Range, m
    600, 1000

    For increased maneuverability in a new sample designers completely abandoned the machine and widely used aluminum alloys. As a consequence of such relief in the sample had to abandon the automatic fire and reduce the magazine capacity. Obviously, in any case, the firing of such weapons will be accompanied by a very solid impact, however, and increase the firepower of a grenade department can provide significant because it allows not only to fight with enemy infantry, but also with light armored vehicles and light fortifications.

    Spectrum 35mm grenade rounds for this includes high-explosive (RP), HE-armor (RP-B), incendiary and training (inert) shots. For RP grenades radius lethal fragments up to 10 meters, RP-B grenades Penetration up to 80 mm is normal. Weight of a single shot (grenade in a unitary cartridge) is about 250 grams, the initial velocity grenades about 190 m / s, the maximum firing range 1750 meters.

    Semi launcher QLB-06 / QLZ-87B uses the vapor-automatic direct effect withdrawn from the barrel of powder gases on the bolt carrier. Locking the trunk rigid, rotating bolt.

    grenade qlb-06 / qlz-87b
    QLB-06 / QLZ-87B

    Unlike its predecessor QLZ-87 grenade launcher at this shutter cocking lever is formed as a separate folding parts and pistol grip located bottom arms and motionless.

    To reduce the impact

    launcher equipped with a muzzle brake and recoil buffer bolt group.

    Food arms ammunition made from detachable drum magazine capacity of 4 or 6 rounds, fire mode - only single shots.

    Sights include the front and rear sights, hidden in a channel on the integrated handle for carrying weapons, as well as guide type Picatinny rail for mounting optical and night sights. Staff is multiplicity 3X optical sight.

    Grenade equipped folding bipod.

    grenade qlb-06 / qlz-87b

    QLB-06 / QLZ-87B


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