Grenade launcher RPG-75

    launcher rpg-75

    In a combat situation
    launcher rpg-75
    When using the

    Hand grenade launcher RPG-75 is designed in the 1970s in Czechoslovakia.

    68-mm antitank grenade launcher RPG-75 - is a handheld antitank weapons disposable, designed to destroy tanks, armored vehicles, fortified enemy targets and the use of mechanized units as additional support weapons.

    Trigger device

    grenade RPG-75 consists of two parts telescopically Spreads: pipes and the combustion chamber with the nozzle. Tube is shaped products made of duralumin with two reinforcing ribs.

    on the trigger mounted sights and trigger, hammer and safety mechanisms, as well as stops and latches that connect both sides of the trigger.

    launcher rpg-75

    75 In the stowed position
    1 - cap 2 - pipe, 3 - rubber strap, 4 - sight;
    5 fuse b - pin 7 - trigger bar with a projection;
    8 - plate with drummer 9 - nozzle.
    grenade Caliber, mm 68
    grenade Weight, kg 3.2
    weight of the trigger, kg 2.2
    grenade Length mm
    (Stowed / in firing position)
    Maximum firing range 300
    Penetration, mm 300
    Duration self-destructing, with 3-6

    combustion chamber is made of steel and ends nozzle. Inside it are located igniter composition and a propellant charge, attached with a special grid. The primer is placed in a nest located in the wall of the combustion chamber so that it can be impaled striker only after the folding of the trigger. Powder gases leaving the combustion chamber through a small hole forward, driving the projectile, and back through the nozzle, providing the balance of power during the shot. On the nozzle is worn rubber damper. The role of the front shock absorber performs don stowed nadulny slice of the trigger rubber cap.

    launcher rpg-75

    With grenade (PrNh)
    launcher rpg-75
    In the stowed and deployed position

    Trigger RPG-75 consists of a trigger pull with the projection, and performs the function of lowering the hammer mounted on a rotating plate. Before firing the drummer is always in the cocked position, but the trigger pull is blocked. After clicking on the protrusion rod moves forward and releases the plate with the drummer. Fuse function performs a spring-loaded plate, blocking the movement of trigger pull. Link can move only after additional efforts to pressing plate to the pipe of the trigger. Furthermore, the trigger mechanism is blocked by the pin (s Factory lead seal).

    launcher rpg-75

    With a thermobaric grenade
    launcher rpg-75
    Instructions for use RPG-75

    Sights RPG-75 consist of sight and foresight. The sight is hinged on the tube of the trigger. It has a rotating shield with three viziers, corresponding to different ambient temperatures. In the stowed position adjacent to the scope of the trigger and held with a rubber band. Rotating bead in the form of a plate (with a grid for the aiming and the slot to facilitate determination of the distance to the target) mounted together with the lid so that in the stowed position, overcoming the resistance of its spring, closes the muzzle of the trigger. In this position it is held by a latch. Grid sight consists of one vertical and four horizontal wires, the position of which corresponds to distances shooting at 100, 200, 250 and 300 m on one of them there are two marks to correct for lateral movement of the target (at a speed of 25 km / h at a distance of approximately 225 m). Regular gaps (steps) have lateral dimensions of the tank silhouette, visible from a distance of 200, 250 and 300 m

    are factory installed inside the shell of the trigger. It consists of a ballistic tip, body, shaped charge and fuse bottom. The shell is attached by means of two screws to the projections of the front wall of the combustion chamber. Screws after reaching the respective chamber pressure cut off. Shaped charge consists of Phlegmatized RDX. Equipped with self-destructing fuse, causing an explosion of the projectile if it misses the target. Noteworthy is the aerodynamic stabilization of the projectile without feathers, used during its flight path. Stabilization is achieved by an appropriate weight distribution, as well as the shape of the projectile. They allow efficient use of aerodynamic factor.

    To work

    shot from RPG-75 must be removed from the muzzle tube rubber cap, broken seals, turn fully to the left nozzle (45 °), push it to the combustion chamber of the pipe fittings and start turning to the right to lock them raise sights fixtures and a correction for temperature, remove the cotter pin, take a stand for the production of fire, forefinger to pull the fuse and thumb of the other hand to move forward thrust release.

    launcher rpg-75
    Model for training

    on the trigger stuck Service Manual grenade.

    Based grenade RPG-75 grenade was developed cumulative number of combat and training versions of this weapon:

    - RPG-Nh-75 - with a grenade (PrNh);
    - RPG-75-TB - thermobaric grenade;
    - RPG-Cv-75 - training model (for shooting boards);
    - RPG-Sk-75 - Training (school) launcher.

    After the dissolution of Czechoslovakia and its exit from the Warsaw Pact production grenade RPG-75 was established at the enterprise MOEH - Vlarske Stroijny in Slavitsine (Czech Republic).

    launcher rpg-75

    Training version


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