Grenade LNG 82 / SH-82

    grenade LNG 82 / cr-82


    In 1942 SKB number 36 Commissariat of Soviet oil industry under the supervision of AP Ostrovsky and chief designer NG Grigoryan began work on the creation of 82-mm grenade machine-Reactive scheme. Later this work was connected PP Shumilov.

    grenade LNG 82 / cr-82
    Fly grenade LNG 82 / SH-82 Originally

    for this grenade in SRI-6 Commissariat ammunition developed rotating turbojet grenade. However, its lack of armor, grenades caused by the rotation at high speed and, as a consequence, the strain and the cumulative jet spray, led to the fact that in 1944 declined from its development and switched to the creation of a non-rotating feathered armor-piercing grenades cumulative effect of a jet engine of a new type. This engine had a short time to the powder charge in the barrel grenade burned, and consequently higher operating pressure in the combustion chamber and demanded the pressure hull.

    Until the end of World War II were tested new grenade launcher, and then rework it.

    In 1950, this complex is composed of 82-mm anti-tank grenade launcher easel LNG and 82 caliber antitank rocket grenade cumulative PG-82 was adopted by the Soviet Army.

    Easel bazooka SPG-82 had a smooth thin-walled barrel without rifling, which consisted of two parts: the muzzle and breech, which were joined together by coupling.

    The barrel is fastened

    self-cocking trigger mechanism, sighting device and shoulder rest.

    grenade LNG 82 / cr-82
    handle trigger grenade LNG 82 / SH-82

    trunk mounted on a machine with wheel speed, which allows you to carry a grenade launcher on the battlefield and set the barrel in combat or stowed position.

    To protect

    calculation of powder gases from the action grenade had lightest folding shield and beneath a protective apron. In addition, the muzzle of the barrel was attached a special bell - gas trap. Glazed viewing windows in the panel automatically overlap protective metal shutters at a shot.

    Service grenade carried a crew of three people: the gunner, loader and podnoschika grenades.

    LNG-82 SG-82
    ammunition used PG-82 PG-82
    Caliber, mm 82
    Weight, kg
    - Grenade
    - PG-82 grenades
    - Grenade OG-82


    Sighting range, m
    - Grenade PG-82
    - Grenade OG-82


    blank range, m
    Grenade PG-82
    Penetration mm
    Grenade PG-82
    Combat rate of fire, rds / min 6

    Loading the LNG-82 grenade launcher was made with the breech. Guidance was carried out manually using mechanical sight, with the barrel relied on machine gunner and rested a special emphasis on the shoulder, right hand holding the handle trigger.

    Weight LNG-82 grenade launcher with the machine was 38 kg, which was many times less than that of conventional artillery guns of a similar caliber. Blank range twice as heavy grenade launchers blank range antitank grenade launcher RPG-2 and was 200 m grenade PG-82 has a mass of 4.5 kg and provided 175 mm armor.

    antitank grenade PG-82 consisted of the head of the shaped charge with a steel funnel horn-shaped form of a jet engine with the stabilizer of the six rigid aerodynamic feathers and rings, as well as a fuse and fuse. As the charge in the jet engine used tubular nitroglycerin powder that provides stable operation in summer and winter conditions.

    grenade during firing rate received under the reactive force of the engine, the powder gases expired back of the engine nozzle and then through the open breech than balanced by the returns. Jet engine work continued on the path section after the departure of grenades from the barrel, so the gun was equipped with a protective apron.

    grenade LNG 82 / cr- 82

    grenade PG-82 (top) and OG-82 (below)

    to expand the scope for the grenade launcher was developed grenade OG-82 also having a jet engine. Frag grenade firing range was 700 m grenade fragmentation grenade expanded combat capabilities, allowing, in addition to combating tanks successfully meet the challenges of defeat firepower and manpower.

    new launcher using cumulative grenade PG-82 and OG-82 fragment, was designated as SH-82 (without the letter "P»).

    grenade LNG 82 / cr- 82


    Easel 82-mm grenade launchers were on staff at the artillery battery mechanized infantry battalion.

    grenade LNG 82 / cr-82
    Used in Afghanistan

    Along with 82-mm heavy grenade launchers LNG 82 / SH-82 developed a more powerful 122-mm machine bazooka SPG-122, later in the course completions renamed SG-122, which has a similar device and action.

    LNG-122 had a mass of 44 kg, blank range on the tank - 200 m, the cumulative weight of the grenade with a jet engine - 6.5 kg, 300 mm armor.

    Comparative tests

    grenade both complexes showed that the probability of hitting the target and for the reliability of these were equal. Lighter weight LNG-82 grenade launcher and grenades to it significantly increased maneuverability and easy operation during the battle. Antitank grenade PG-82 grenade launcher SPG-82 had less armor penetration than the 122-mm grenade launcher, but quite sufficient to destroy the whole armor of the time. That is why it was decided to design documentation for all of the LNG-122 lay in reserve.

    As a result, neither

    LNG-122 or SU-122 Soviet army were not adopted.


    based on SG-82 grenade launchers and SG-122 were developed in 1954 and put into service 82-mm and 107-mm recoilless rifles, got here with B-10 and B-11.

    grenade LNG 82 / cr- 82

    recoilless guns B-10


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